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You'll find over 350 funny dog quotes here. Most will make you laugh or guffaw, perhaps even cry from laughing so hard. Some will amuse you, and others will simply bring a smile to your face. But hey, a smile is always better than no smile!

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Funny Dog Quotes

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  1. My Girl Mellie July 15, 1997 - July 20, 2011

    Jul 21, 14 10:02 AM

    I opened a chapter of my life's book today. The chapter of my life that included you. On this day, as I do every year since you left, I revisit that chapter.

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  2. Nemo Franco

    Jul 18, 14 09:21 AM

    Im so sorry Nemo. You will be missed. Our house will be your home. I will miss you every day. I'm crying now Nemo. I'm sorry for everything, especially

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  3. Rusty Dog

    Jul 16, 14 07:55 AM

    Rusty Dog was 14 when I had to help him get to heaven. I had no idea at the time how hard it would turn out to be. I knew he was getting tired and I was

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