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You'll find almost 200 quotes here about dogs and friendship. Many will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will make you think about the relationship you have with your dog. But they'll all help you celebrate having your dog as a friend.

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Dogs and Friendship

Recent Articles

  1. My Son Logan

    Sep 27, 14 11:59 PM

    Dearest Logan, we love you so much. You were taken from us at such a young age, unexpectedly. Today we woke up and your little waggling tail wasn't there.

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  2. Safari Saved Me

    Sep 26, 14 10:05 AM

    He was for sale 5 years ago from a friend. I'm lucky to have him. He became my baby, visiting his doctor, shopping for his food, receiving gifts from family

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  3. The Funniest, Baddest Dog I Ever Met - Banner

    Sep 26, 14 09:58 AM

    My and my son's beloved Doberman was carelessly left out of the house when I was not at home. She was the best dog I ever had, followed me everywhere,

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