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You'll find almost 200 quotes here about dogs and friendship. Many will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will make you think about the relationship you have with your dog. But they'll all help you celebrate having your dog as a friend.

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Dogs and Friendship

Recent Articles

  1. Our Sammy

    Nov 18, 15 11:18 AM

    I will never forget the day that I first saw you. Floppy eared, head tilted, as if to say can I please stay. We rescued you from a life of loneliness and

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  2. Wiley's Memorial

    Nov 14, 15 04:56 AM

    Wiley's Story 10/29/2015 This week Jenn decided to end Wiley's suffering and have him put down. What follows is excerpted from the book that I authored

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  3. Dolly - 10 September 2012 – 15 October 2015

    Nov 14, 15 04:47 AM

    We arrived at the house of the family that was selling you because you were no longer wanted by them. They did not even know your birthday or where your

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