Tasha Louise, American Eskimo Dog Extraordinaire

by Connie
(Littleton, CO, USA)

RIP Tasha (April 4, 1997 to February 5, 2011)

On June 21, 1997, I adopted a crazy hyper little white bundle of fur from the pet store, at my then boyfriend's suggestion.

He and I may not have lasted, but I have had the joy (though not always!) of that little white dog for all these years. Her boundless energy and joie de vivre carried me through good times and bad times, with lots of new friends, in lots of different homes, through many life-changing life experiences. I have many happy memories with her and because of her. She's helped me to become a better person, and I always knew I could count on her unconditional love. (And dog hair.)

That is, until today, when I had to let her go, with a very heavy heart. It was time. It pained me to see her arthritis cause her to lose her ability to run and play and get into all of those silly eskiepades. She went from a playful, energetic dog who could jump three times her height, to one who couldn't even bear her own weight without assistance.

She's in a better place now, and I would like to think that for the first time in her life, that little scoundrel is actually an angel. So Saint Peter, or whoever watches those gates up there for the doggers, you'd better keep a close eye on my little escape artist Tasha, because she is quick!

I will love and miss her always.

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by: Anonymous

All dogs or puppies will always be our angels. I just lost my pup not so long ago and she was only 6 months. But I know wherever they are at they are in a better and safer place and they will watch on us.

RIP Tasha and Dixie

Bless you
by: Anonymous

All our dogs are angels, Connie - it's just that their wings aren't visible while they are with us. I share your heartache - I lost my precious 15-year old in November and it still hurts.

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