Sweet Chelsea

by Julie
(Atlanta, GA)

Our sweet Chelsea sunbathing on our deck

Our sweet Chelsea sunbathing on our deck

Our dear sweet Chelsea,

It has only been one day since we had to let you go. We miss you so much and our hearts ache for you. No one knew how sick you were until it was too late. We did the very best we could do for you.

We don't understand why you had to leave us so soon. You brought us such joy and gave us so much love. You made us a family, and our house a home.

We miss your wagging tail, your sweet face and beautiful brown eyes. You are the most beautiful girl in the world to us and we love you so much. We want to think that you are in a big field right now in Heaven, chasing squirrels and endless tennis balls, and that every so often you pause to think about us and remember us with love.

Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge and we'll be together again.

Mommy and Daddy
January 30, 2011

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Dear Chelsea
by: Mary

Dear Julie and Todd,

Love and loss. What can be said about that? Tis better than to have never loved at all, but losing someone before her time can be very painful for the ones left behind. We are robbed of a future with our love in it, and it hurts.

Fortunately, as time passes, the pain lessens, and we are left with beautiful memories of our loves. I am happy to have known and loved our Dear Chelsea, and I will remember her fondly. She was indeed the best dog ever! Don't tell MJ!

Love you both.

Bless you both
by: Becky

My heart hurts for you. I've heard from Mary how wonderful Chelsea was. You were all blessed to have had your time together.
I too feel that a pet makes a house a home. You will be in my prayers.


Bonny Chelsea
by: Joy - Poppy's mammy

So sorry for your dreadful loss. What a lovely photograph, such a bonny girl. Photographs are like memories - precious today, priceless tomorrow. God Bless. x

The best mutt I ever met
by: Ron

Julie and Todd, I can so feel the heartache you are experiencing right now. I can tell you that it won't go away, but it will be easier to live with in time. I hope this little synopsis of what I experienced the other day on what was a very trying day at one of my job sites will make you smile a little.

I was on the phone with Mary when she told me what was going on with Chelsea. Earlier I was ranting and raving on what our sales reps were doing to me, trying to get the customer I was at on-line.

After talking to Mary I started to tear up a little (yes I do have a feminine side, don't tell anyone). When I walked back to where the project was going on, I was wiping my eyes and the contractor and engineer on the job told me not to get so upset about how things on the job were turning out. If they only knew.

Our thoughts are with you both during this trying time.

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