best friend

by Steve Wash
(Poland, Ohio)


Morgan left our lives today but he will forever live in our hearts. He would have made everyone proud the way he willed himself to find the strength to walk into the vet’s office and cooperate with all of those who helped him through his final moments.

Morgan lay peacefully on a quilted blanket as Karen and I said our last goodbyes. We were told to “crack the door open” when we were ready for the vet to come in and administer the shot that would put Morgan to sleep. How I wish we did not have to open that door, but we knew Morgan was tired and it was time to say goodbye to a good friend.

The vet knew as soon as he saw Morgan that Morgan was tired and ready, but dogs just have a hard time letting go, just like we had a hard time letting go of Morgan. We spoke with the vet for a few moments and he assured us that Morgan was ready, and this eased our hearts. Morgan continued to lie peacefully on the blanket the entire time we were there, and he trusted us that we were doing the right thing as well.

Dr. Daugherty explained to us what would happen as he administered the shot. We soon decided it was time to say the words that we hoped would never come. The vet slowly injected the shot into an IV catheter in Morgan's right front leg and Morgan quickly went to sleep, just as Dr. Daugherty said he would. We both looked at Morgan resting so peacefully and said our final goodbyes.

Morgan in death was just like he was in life…trusting, confident and gentle. We will miss Morgan. We will always have special memories of a friend who was so full of unconditional love.

I will miss a friend, helper and companion… I will forever be grateful to Morgan for always being there to help me with my chores and projects. I will forever be grateful to Morgan for his kindness and patience… his ability to be in the way but never get in the way of family gatherings… and all of his patience and good nature with children.

We will miss you and always remember you, Morgan… sleep well… sweet dreams…. goodnight and goodbye.

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Morgan, best friend
by: Sam Lasley

Please know that dog owners all sympathize with you in your loss. We lost our precious Rikki less than 3 weeks ago in a similar situation. There can be no kinder words than the poem "The Rainbow Bridge" and your Vet can probably get it for you.

Our Rikki always was anxious and uneasy at the Vets, but she, like your Morgan, for the first time ever went calmly, and laid quietly after having kissed both my wife and me goodbye. I don't know if our dogs knew it was the end, but for me I felt as if I had killed my dog, and begged her forgiveness.

I suppose time will eventually ease your pain, but it won't be soon. We still cry daily. God bless you and Morgan.

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