To Champaigne, we took care of each other, girl

by Karen Baker Radonski
(Boardman, Ohio, USA)

Many times you lose a pet and no one but you truly knows how wonderful he or she was. However, my 5 year old Brindle Boxer girl, Champaigne, was known and loved by so many people! It started as "socialization" and ended up often as "Don't come to our store unless Champaigne is with you!"

She went everywhere with me and I was so very proud. Everyone thought that it was my training that made her so well behaved and mannerly but alas, I cannot claim this distinction. This was all her. Just the way she was, so gentle, so lovable. She never jumped on a child, just stood still and let many many little hands touch her. She was so loved.

I miss her most at night. In my king sized bed she would stretch her long slim body out and no matter where I laid, I could reach out my hand and touch her. That precious body, so beautiful. I took such good care of her. I brushed her teeth, gave her sponge baths and put her "chocolate" lotion on. I made her food nasty dog food for my Princess. I have no regrets except that I can't understand why God took her from me at only 5 years old!!

As she was dying, she still walked to me and wagged her tail, then laid down, like a frog (back legs splayed and belly to the floor, her favorite), put her head down as if to say, "I waited for you and now I'm ready." OMG! I can't bear it! (Tears streaming down my face and gulping air.) Why???

I suspected that she may have been sick for a long time and hid it so we could just go on playing, walking and loving each other.

So Champaigne, my sweet Girl, my Princess, my little Yammy, I love you and YOU LOVED ME! Only me! I will miss you every day of my life. There will never be another Champaigne.

There will be another Boxer, because Champaigne said she is sending one to me so I won't be lonely. She is in heaven with all my relatives who love dogs, and is waiting for the day that she sees me coming and runs and runs and runs to ME!

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I'm So Sorry
by: Laurie, Holly's mom

I'm so sorry for your loss of Champaigne. She was a beautiful girl. I lost my Holly in March of 2011 at 5 years. I still don't understand why she was taken away from me so young and so quickly. We only knew she was sick for 3 days and then she was gone.

Yes, I truly believe that they won't let you see how sick they are. They don't want us to worry any longer than we have to, but sometimes when we realize they are sick, it's just too late. They love us more than we love them, if that is at all possible.

I rescued Holly and she was so grateful to have a home. All I can hope is that they are happy and healthy and playing together on Rainbow Bridge. Holly loved all dogs and I'm sure she will keep an eye on your lovely pup.

Sweet Face
by: Anonymous

Your girl has the sweetest face ever. I can tell you loved her as much as I loved my boy. I grew up with a boxer and know their sweet side.

I am grieving just as hard every night. When I went to bed, my boy would lay on the floor next to my side of the bed. Every night, almost on cue, he would lay his arm on the edge of the bed and I would hold his paw in my hand and fall asleep.

I find falling asleep the hardest.

by: Kris (Sue's friend$

I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you and I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I have 3 boxers, 3, 5 and 10 so I can only imagine the hurt you're feeling. I can tell you have beautiful memories that you'll have forever. And she will always hold a place in your heart!

I hope that you find happiness in the gift she's sending you. Although it can never replace Champaigne, it will bring you wonderful memories of her. A boxer has a way of making you smile, no matter what!! My heart goes out to you!!!

by: Sue

Your tribute to Champaigne The Princess was nothing short of BEAUTIFUL. She was so lucky to have you, as you were to have her. I bawled as I read it because it tells me how much you loved her and she loved you. You were a perfect match.

Our Young Angels <3
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My Zeus was only 5 1/2 when we had to let him go 3 days before this past Christmas. These holidays were the quietest they've ever been.

Our Zeus had a sick heart, so we knew he couldn't stay long with us. I feel your pain and anger of it being too short. Our Zeus was so full of life, loved everyone. Tto have that taken from us so soon, leaves me brokenhearted inside. A piece of my heart went with him that day, and in that spot of my heart is where he remains.

I hope you find inner peace, knowing our pups are no longer hurting. Zeus would hide his sicker days from us, to play and love with us more. We know from his sacrafices he loved us very much, as your dear Champaigne loves you.

I know my Zeus will keep her good company over the Rainbow Bridge, till it's our time to meet with them again.

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