Taylor Grant

by Lourett
(Forest Hills, New York)

Do you see what I mean? He's smiling!

Do you see what I mean? He's smiling!

Taylor was my child. I never had children. When I bought Taylor, I felt that finally something belonged to me. My mother and father abandoned me when I was a teenager and I went though hard knocks. So I wanted to nurture Taylor and make him happy.

If dogs weren't allowed, I declined. If friends insisted I leave him, I left them. Plain and simple, we were like water and sand. I was his mommy and he was my best little baby friend.

When I got married, he traveled to Berlin, Germany, where we lived. He loved the park in Berlin. He also went to Paris with us and people would chase us down in the airport just to pet him. He was really a little star.

He loved the beach in Long Island (that's where I'm from) and I would take him as often as possible. One day a man said to me, "Lady, did you know that your dog is smiling?" He smiled often and he loved it when I would laugh. He loved it when I was happy, and when I wasn't, he would lick my tears. Every night he would reach over and give me 3 kisses then push his back up against mine and sleep.

I had to travel due to my business and he stayed with my aunt in Las Vegas. I missed him so much that I left that job after two weeks just to be with him. I missed him too much.

He loved it when I chased him around the house. We'd weave in and out of the rooms. He had a ball and I'd try to get it from him. He loved sliding on the parquet floors when I threw the ball to him. He's slide like an ice skater and it was so cute. He made me laugh so much I'd cry.

I was very conscious of the time and how short a dog's life can be. I'd look into his eyes and say, "Do you know how lucky I am to look at you? Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you know how much I love You?" He'd stare right into my eyes like he understood. He felt the good energy of what I was saying.

I told him constantly "I love you Taylor, you are the sunshine in my life." Once, when he was a puppy, a candle in a glass burst into a flame when I was in another room. Taylor barked like crazy. Lucky for me I caught it in time.

I took him almost everywhere with me. I wanted to. Taylor had heart issues but he was fine until he turned 12 years old. Suddenly a bad cough came on. For six months he was on medications then, shortly after, he had real difficulty breathing.

It broke my heart to see him that way. He couldn't even walk around the block. One morning he was really having a hard time. On the way to the vet, he passed on.

The pain I felt was unbearable. I held him in my arms for one hour as I drove out to Long Island. I buried him at my private beach. I will never get another dog. Ever. I will wait until God brings us together again.

I miss him so much. It feels like a sword pierced through my heart.

Taylor my little gucci boy...my boom boom. Run... run and play. Smile and be free like the little free spirit you are. Visit me whenever you want. I miss you my sweet little darling. I love you Taylor. Ami and I can't wait to see you again one day.

You saved my life.

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I'm So Sorry
by: Teresa

I came across your wonderful memorial to your beloved little Taylor Grant when I came here to add to my Bodie's page.

It has been 6 months today since I had to say goodbye to him and I'm still crying. I never had children either, so he was my little dog-boy.

He would be so happy when it was just he and his mommie. His trainer told me that if he never saw another person but me he would be perfectly happy, and that was true. He didn't want to share me with anyone.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I feel the same way about not getting another dog. I couldn't take the pain that losing him has brought, and I don't feel that I could ever love another like him.

You will smile at his memory after awhile, then cry from the loss. So very sorry.

by: Anonymous

Bless You.x.x.

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