Sage the Great

by Dee
(Richmond, VA)

My dog, Sage, has been the best companion I've ever had. She has been with me for 16 years. She was 2 years old when I rescued her from an abusive situation.

I am a veterinarian and will be putting her to sleep myself tomorrow because she doesn't really like other people. As a veterinarian I have put many animals to sleep. I have always regarded it as a strongly spiritual service and since I have had my own housecall practice I have never charged money for a euthanasia.

This loss wrenches my heart in many ways but I know it is time for my beloved Sage to move on into the mystery of death. I will join her in time and I know her spirit will remain with me until we see each other again.

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To Dee, Mommy of Sage
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

Dee, so sorry to read about Sage. By now, Sage will be in Doggieland, romping and playing with all the other boisterous pets in Heaven. You are lucky to have had Sage for so many years, or was it due to your Veterinary knowledge, or both?

I too had to have Tiger (a German Shepherd of 9 years) euthanised and can tell you, I suffered so much guilt in doing so, but then again, he could not go on living in so much pain and not being able to walk.

I was "forced" to acquire another German Shepherd as his owners were migrating and he needed a tender and loving home quickly. He's been with me now for 3 weeks (1 month after putting Tiger to sleep) and as much as I begged out of having to take him (over the phone), when I actually went to visit him, it was love at first sight.

He's brought so much joy, fun and love into our home, and the pain of losing Tiger has eased up a whole lot. No longer do I mope and cry all day long. But .... I still do keep Tiger close and dear in my heart and talk with him every day.

Thank you for posting a memorial for Sage on this website. It was interesting to read your account, especially from the point of view of being a Veterinarian. Again, my deepest and heartfelt sympathy on your loss of Sage.

by: Anonymous

I believe you when you said Sage's spirit moved on. When I was with Buffy, I felt her spirit leave. So much grief at the time. I didn't ever think I would move past that time. As her body went still and the warmth left, it became reality.

I believe my Buffy had a soul in a sense. I felt like I had betrayed her by having her put to sleep. But a small part of me, not the selfish me, said I had to let her go. It was so hard.

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