Our Sweet Sadie

by Julie
(Kansas City, MO)

My sweet, sweet girl...we love you so much! Just yesterday you were running and playing, driving me crazy and stealing my spot on the couch every time I got up. How can you be gone? No reason, no explanation...just there by the bed, gone in your sleep. Everything is so empty without you, I miss you with every breath.

Thank you for every moment you shared with us, for never leaving the kids' sides when they were sick with the flu, for summers at the lake, for your warm body snuggled next to us in bed, for guarding the kids as they played in the yard, for every tear you licked from our faces and every snuggle you gave when one of us had a bad day.

The last four years of our lives were richer and so much more blessed with you in it. You were the best friend any family could ever ask for and we will miss you and love you forever!

We buried Sadie under the mulberry tree on my dad's farm, where every great dog rests in peace. May her spirit run free in Heaven, beside those precious dogs who have passed before her. She came to us a sad little stray that my husband rescued from a cop with a baton and a can of mace.

She ate our shoes, chewed our blinds, ran out the door every time she got a chance, and ate more crayons than you could imagine! She grew out of her puppy stage and became one of the smartest, most gentle and loyal creatures God ever placed on this earth.

We will never know why she passed away so young, but will be forever grateful for the joy she brought to our lives.

Rest in peace, sweet baby girl...we'll see you again in Heaven!

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Love for our furry friends will never die!
by: Kate

I am so sorry to read of your loss.

I found, and still do find, that reading other stories really helps you get through.

The pain is unbearable. It's complete agony. Crying is the only option, the only way to move forward. Let it all out....

Here's the link to the 2009 memorials here, where you'll find my memorial to Marlee, if you feel like reading it: https://www.dogquotations.com/dog-memorials-2009.html

My thoughts as of today 20th Jan 2011:

I had 7 beautiful months with my precious baby. Thinking of her right now, remembering the pain I was in initially and thinking of the pain you are suffering at this moment, has me in tears as I type this.

People told me it gets easier as time goes on? of course I didn?t believe them. It took a long time for me to feel human again. I never cried so much ? I didn?t even know I had that many tears to cry. I have a photo of her next to my bed. She is my angel and I miss her just as much each day. Life is just not the same without her.

Please know that I am thinking of you and your family at this sad time. Your Sadie will be up there with my Jed and Marlee Mooch, having a blast. Life goes on up there. You will see her again one day. That?s what keeps me going? just to know, or to at least think, that one day I will see her again, be it in my dreams or in heaven.

My mum and sister were so very sad for me when I lost Marlee that they got me another puppy. Miss Tully is the most beautiful, caring, gentle and friendly little girl. I love her dearly, as much as I still love Marlee. My heart has just gotten bigger to fit more love inside. It will never ever replace the love I hold for Marlee, or Jed!

If only our furry friends could live as long as us! Don?t be afraid to share your love with another furry friend one day. It seems like the worst thing possible to think about right now? but down the track you will understand. A time will come when you will be able to laugh at the silly things Sadie used to do and you will want to share your life with one of her ancestors. After all ? what is life without a furry friend!!


by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Sadie.

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