My Missed Annie

by Lindsay
(New York)

May 26th, 1997, to January 15th, 2011


Every night I cry myself to sleep praying that you are okay wherever you may be (I'm crying writing this). You are sincerely missed. We all are crying every day. It's been five days, but it's seemed like a lifetime.

You really were the best dog we could have ever asked for. You were not just a dog though, you are my sibling. We were raised together, both giving Mom such a headache. I have heard so many stories these past few days as we have recalled some of our special moments with you (the good and the bad). Do you remember the last time Mom needed to clean up from you peeing inside the house (before the seizures, that is)? When you were so scared that you ran through the house peeing? Well, in case you were wondering, Mom laughs about it now.

I miss you Annie. I had no idea that the end was coming so soon, even if you were 13 & 3/4 years old. You were doing so great, and when I smelled that fishy smell in your breath the night before, I had no idea that that was my warning you were going to start to seize and slowly shut down.

I miss you, and I love you so much. You were my best friend, my sister, and my favorite dog. So many people have sent us cards, and their condolences. In case you were curious, there are so many people crying over you. You were loved by many, and missed by all. Christine hopes that somehow, your soul becomes that of our next dog (and if it takes you to come and find us, we'd appreciate it!).

I know wherever you are, you're running like a puppy again. I can't wait to play ball again with you in heaven (like when you were younger).

I love you so much Anniekins! You must never, ever forget that! <3 You're my baby, always.

<3 Rest in peace <3

Your sister Lindsay

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So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. We lost one of our Goldens in 2007 and still, 4 years later, we remember him daily. Be assured that your days will become easier, but the memories remain always. Good luck to you.

Annie Babe
by: Christine

She was really something. <3 Annie, you will not die until you are forgotten. I will never forget you so therefore, you will not truly die. Let your soul wander around heaven, for my sister, we will be reunited once again.

Baby, my child,
There was once a time,
where you would run wild,
My partner in crime,
My first and forever.

Dui bu qi
Je suis désolé
Mi dispiace più volte
Gomen Nasai

That's all I need.
Without you I bleed.
A hole left inside.

¡Lo siento!
Es tut mir leid!

Bébé, nous tu aimons.
Our lives empty.
Bebé, le amamos.
Now, you can be carefree.
Baby, wir lieben Sie.

Mi bedaŭras!

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