My Catie Bell

by Nancy

I cry for you every day. I just don't know how life will ever be the same without you.

I close my eyes and pray that you will be there when I open them. I look for you to run up the driveway every day when I come home, and you're not there. It's like you just disappeared.

Daddy and I love you so much. We tried everything in our power to help you get well, and it didn't work. We are so sorry, Catie. You were too young and it just wasn't your time. We prayed and prayed for a miracle.

We miss you and want you to know that you were our sweet baby. You were such a good girl.

We miss everything about you. The way you talked to us, how you knew everything we said to you, how you loved to have your feet rubbed, how you loved to sleep upside down, how you loved your jackie-feet rubbed, how much you loved your "greenies," your frisbee, how much you loved to swimmie swim.

You were our joy and the love of our life. We thank God for every day you were with us. Take care of Cookie and Chloe. We love you, Catie Girl. We will all be together again soon.

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by: Rose

Heartbreaking... I know, I was in your shoes. I lost my best friend almost 2 years ago. I still miss her, always will.

But I do know Catie Bell is still with you, she's still there to listen to you. You won't see her, but sometimes you'll still feel her. She'll come to visit once in a while. I know because that's what happens to me. My beloved friend still visits me. I feel and know in my heart she does.

So live life, she wants you to be happy. That's what I promised my best friend, because I know she doesn't like me to be sad. Her sister is helping me, helping me to heal my heart.

Your Catie Bell is in good hands. I know she appreciates all you did and she will always thank you. I know she wants to tell you to live life and try to be happy again. I know it's hard. It was for me. But as they say, life goes on.

Enjoy life, enjoy happy memories, and one day your heart will heal. Sorry for your loss.

You can read my tribute here about my best friend...

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