My Precious Love

by Rose D
(Romeoville, IL)

Smiling From Up Above

Smiling From Up Above

My dog Precious, my wonderful girl, my sweet love of joy. I miss you so so so much. It has been a month and 7 days since you left to doggie Heaven.

It has been so empty without you. Daddy, your little dog sister Kayla and I are just so sad. But we know you are here with us every day and night to look over us, protect us and smile down at us.

You are one of a kind. You will never be forgotten. I will always think of you. My heart is in pieces, but I know it will be whole again. I will keep my promise to you, I will stay strong, my love. I love you. I miss you.

My Precious was a wonderful pitbull mix. She had a beautiful brindle honey coat and remarkable honey brown eyes. She was my first dog, my first baby (I don't have kids yet). She was spoiled rotten and she was my princess.

I stole her as a puppy. I was supposed to only puppysit her for 2 weeks before she was to go to my boyfriend's mom in another state. I fell in love with her in those 2 weeks, told my boyfriend "sorry, but please tell your mom I'm really sorry but I want to keep her."

I am so glad I did. She was my best friend. We did everything together, had our own secrets and had our own language.

Over the years, we were inseparable. We were stuck on each other. She was one of a kind, so loving, so sweet, and a goof ball. She has made me a better person, more responsible, and made me complete.

More years had passed. I wanted to be the best mom and she was at the Vet office a lot for her vaccines. I didn't know vaccines, cheap commercial brand dog foods, tap water, and chemicals could get a dog sick. I was young when I got her. She was always a sick girl.

My Precious died of cancer and now I know. After reading so so so many books and articles, I know how to keep a healthy dog. I can pass my knowledge to her little sister and other pet lovers.

I wish I would've known before and oh how I wish I could turn the clock back from the day I saw her.

My Precious's final days... Well, she did try to stay strong and made it to her 8th birthday, but she was weak and threw up for almost a week before her birthday. She couldn't keep anything down, not even water. She was very weak, her gums were pale white and I knew it was almost time.

I took her in to the vet to give her fluids so she could at least enjoy her birthday party, but the Vet said she wouldn't last another day. I told him to give her the fluids so she could be with us for her party.

Her liver and kidneys were failing and that was it. I couldn't save her any more. The party was on a Saturday. She had balloons cake, a birthday hat. I took lots of pictures. But around 12 am, she couldn't breathe much and I wanted her lay her in peace in my arms, but I couldn't see her suffer any more.

She kept looking at me, like saying "mom, it's time to let me go. I've enjoyed all my eight years with you. You are the best mom and you did what you could. Let me go. I'm in pain."

So I did. I took her in Sunday around 2:00 am. I was with her all through the process. I watched the needle go in her vein, and I said my last goodbye. I told her it was not really goodbye, that it was more like "I'll see you later, because I will see you again one day." I gave her my last sweet kiss and made her a promise that I will be strong and never forget her.

I hope you all enjoyed my Precious's story, how really a dog can be your best friend, how they can understand you more than anyone. How they can make you so happy and how they are so faithful to you.

I have my Precious's ashes. She is still with me. I love you, Precious. I miss you baby. I know you are restored to health up there, so run like the wind, but come back to visit me. Come to me when I cry, lick my tears away like you did when you were alive.

I love you. Take care my love. I'll see you later.

Precious D. - June 19, 2004 to June 24, 2012.

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by: Karen

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your story had me In tears.

It's so similar to my story of Romeo, who had liver failure at the age of 3 and passed 5 weeks ago. We had no idea until 2 weeks before he passed. He hid it well.

We are heart-broken like you.

They are the love of our lives, these special dogs, and will remain within our hearts forever.

Kind regards


by: Mackie-B

Very moving. I'm so sorry.

by: Marie

I enjoyed Precious's story but I had tears thinking of my own boy. You were a wonderful mom to her for all those years.

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