Malik's Memory

by Karen Banks
(Knoxville IA)

Malik was with us for 13 years. 12 1/2 of those years were pretty good, even though he was diagnosed with diabetes at 12 years of age. He went blind 6 months later, and then I realized that he was so unhappy.

He slept all of the time. He ran into things a lot. He got sick to the stomach a lot. It broke my heart to see him like that, because no matter how he felt, he still had love for me.

He would lay his head against me. He would wag his tail if I pet him. He was so in love with my husband and I.

It's been less than a week and the grief is still strong. I want to get another dog to fill the void. Nothing can take away the pain of losing Malik right now, but another dog will bring us joy once again. I grew up with dogs in my life all of the time.

Malik is the first house dog that I had for 13 years. He had his own mind. He was assertive and demanded his respect, but he also minded most of the time. I thank the Lord for putting Malik in our lives. He was the canine love of our life.

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So Sad To Hear of Your Loss
by: Karen

It was so sad to read your memorial. I went through almost the same thing as you did with Malik as we did with our German Shepherd, Tiger. The pain is still unbearable at times.

I find it so highly amazing as to the extent that we can go just to elongate the lives of our dear pets, just to receive another day of tail-waggings, licks and a soft loving head to pat. I still sometimes sit down and a give a good cry to help ease the pain that I get in my heart whenever I think of my "baby."

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you for your loss. I do hope though that one day you will think of acquiring another pet and love it just as much as Malik. I think Malik would love you for that. His living mates need good homes that provide love and care.

Bear hugs to you. And God Bless You!

I share your sadness
by: Anonymous

I've just come across this website, as I am so sad from having my dog euthanized a month ago. We also had our boy 13 years.

A year ago he was diagnosed with diabetes, and we almost lost him then, he was so sick. With a lot of work, we finally got the disease somewhat under control, but by that time he lost his sight.

Brave boy that he was, he tried to adapt the best he could, but, like your dog, he had difficulties. He had skin break down from the diabetes. He was getting old and his hips would give out. Many times he would stop eating, and we would struggle to find a food that he would eat to try and keep weight on him.

I know that you know what this is like. Throughout it all, he kept loving us with all his heart. It makes me cry just to think of it. I don't know if we will get another dog.

I am hoping you are doing okay now.

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