Bye Bye Buddy!

by Barb

My beloved Ruger

My beloved Ruger

Ruger, you meant the the world to me. I find it hard to believe that I had to let go. You were my best friend, security system, companion and child care provider, but most of all you loved me more than anything.

In return, I loved you with all I had. As hard as it was and still is, I had to let you go when you were hurting. I know you never would have left me until you took your last breath no matter how much pain you were in. I will never forget you or stop missing you!

Everyone misses you and Rex is doing his best to watch over me. I love you!


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Great Picture
by: Anonymous

Wow, what a beautiful dog!

Beautiful comments about Buddy
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed your tribute to the lovely Buddy. I share your comments since I lost Lucky (now in my heart always) in December (Lucky and Our Love), my story. Those who post here know what it feels like and I share with you.

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