Sydney, My Very Best Friend

by Lisa
(Phoenix, AZ)

Me and Sydney...the college years

Me and Sydney...the college years

I rescued Sydney from "death row" at the pound when I was in college. I remember the day I first met her. I was in desperate need of some family and a friend. I had recently lost my mom (my only family) and was 3000 miles away from my home at a new college.

So, I decided I'd get a dog. I went to the local pound to look around. And there she was, emaciated, covered in ticks, and looking at me with eyes that seem to say "please help." When I asked the employee about her, he told me she was not up for adoption and would be put down that weekend. "Why,", I asked, "is she sick?" "No, she just isn't adoptable because ofhow she looks." I asked to see her anyway.

Out of her cage, she leaned on me, stared into my eyes, and wagged her little nub. I knew she was the one for me! It took some convincing, but they let me adopt her. When I brought her home to the house I shared with other students, they couldn't believe that was the dog I picked. One girl was convinced Sydney would die (given her state). I assured them she would be fine, given some decent meals and love. And sure enough, Sydney was fine.

To get over her fear of cars, we took short trips to the drive-thru of Macdonald's, where I would treat her to a burger. Once she gained some weight, we started doggie school. She was so smart and did great! She was the perfect dog! And was perfectly what my heart and soul needed. I needed family.

Sydney and I spent many, many happy years together. We were for certain best friends. We spent countless holidays together, just the two of us. She was with me when I graduated college, got married, and eventually had my two children, whom she guarded and protected with her life. She was their best friend, as well.

This past March, my sweet Sydney passed away. She gave me 14 amazing years of unconditional love. I loved her more than I have most people.

Thank you baby girl. I will never forget you.

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She was beautiful
by: laurie dauer

Oh, your story reminds me of how I found my Holly. Holly was in pretty bad shape, as well. She had been at the local pound and had very dry, flaky skin. I had met her in the morning and filled out the paperwork. I had to wait until my husband got home from work to go back to get her. They brought her out to us and he said, "That's the dog you want?" because of her condition. Once home, cleaned up, skin conditioned, she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen.

I lost her in March 2011 at only 5-1/2 years old. I miss her so much.

My heart goes out to you for losing your very best friend. I understand your pain. Hopefully they are playing on Rainbow Bridge.

Lovely Sydney
by: Colette

What a beautiful story, and what an amazing life you were able to give Sydney and her you.

I lost my little Moo on Monday and am not coping too well at the moment in coming to terms with the loss. But reading about the deep love that others feel for their departed dogs certainly helps.

May your other doggy companions be half as good as Sydney.

To Sydney's Mom
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

So sorry to read about the loss of your Sydney, who was so extremely lucky to have a person such as you adopt her and give her a home with so much love and attention, and for so many years, too.

You have a huge heart for doing what you did and God is surely blessing you for taking her under your wings. You're certainly an Angel and a special one too. I'm sure you and your family will always treasure the memories of Sydney. She was such a beautiful dog.

by: Christine in Virginia

You found Sydney just when you needed something special in your life. I am so glad you had her for 14 years. I'm also glad that you realized all she needed was some TLC and she would become a beautiful dog.

I hope you have healed since your loss of Sydney. What a beautiful tribute!

I just lost Jake, my Golden Retriever, who was 10½. I miss him so much! That is how I came to find this site and reading the memorials others have written about their pets.

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