Still Miss You, Maggie Mae

by Kristina
(Milford, DE US)

My awesome golden retriever departed the world Jan 2 2012 and it feels like yesterday that I had to put Maggie down. She had a tough fight with cancer.

It came to the point where her suffering became too much and the vet said it was time to let her go. I was by her side until the end. We had 7 very short years together and I wish I could have 7 more.

Maggie was a "gift" from a family that I used to baby sit for and they no longer wanted her, so Maggie came to live with me. We had so many good times together -- treks to the beach and long walks. She loved visiting the elderly neighbor across the street and he looked forward to Maggie's visits.

It's ironic how the neighbor died before Christmas and then Maggie left me just two weeks later. Maybe they are in heaven and having a a blast together.

Here is to you, Maggie, for making my life a little sweeter.

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It's Never Easy
by: Anonymous

We lost our beloved Maremma (Gina) in August 2010. We found another Maremma in 2012 but not a day goes by that Gina is not mentioned or thought of. She knew we loved her. The day we surrendered her to God, we had a picture of her happy and smiling in His care.W e live for the day we will see her again...

Maggie Mae Is Your Angel
by: Rose D.

I feel your pain. I lost my best friend too with cancer. I promised to stay strong for her. Mine was only 8 years old. And I too wished she was here with me longer. I stayed with her in the whole scene when they injected that into her.

You can read my story here. The title is My Precious Love.

Your story is a great story of Maggie Mae. She is there smiling down on you. And she is with you every day. They don't leave us because we all are so close to all our 4-legged companions. Of course they are up there, sometimes to play run, eat and be restored to health.

I lost my baby a month ago. She will never be forgotten. And I'm sure you will never forget Maggie Mae either. They are our little Angels.

So sorry you lost a wonderful dog. Take care. And remember, she is still there by your side.

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