Simba, My Saint Bernard, My Saint, My Love, Forever in My Heart

by Fernanda

I lost my Saint Bernard Simba on June 15, 2011. He was only 5 years old.

Simba was one of the best dogs anyone could ever ask for. He was beautiful, his good temper was noticed by everyone, my Bichon and my cat loved to sleep right on him, on his legs.

Unfortunately Simba was not a very healthy dog right from the beginning. At the age of 9 months he had hip surgery for severe hip dysplasia for both hips, then when he was just 2 years old he was diagnosed with Addison's disease. He needed to go every month to the vet for a shot of precorton (not cheap at all). Then, when he was 3 years old, he came down with an extremely high temperature. He was in the hospital again for another 2 days
but I didn't care just how much he cost, I would do anything for him, he was my true friend, my sweet sweet dog, my papa bear.

Then, on June 14, I woke up to a real mess everywhere. He had bad diarrhea all over during the night. I went to work and gave him some Pepto. When I got home that afternoon he was just laying there, refusing to eat. When I tried to walk him, he collapsed. He was so so weak, and he had bloody stool, all blood.

I rushed him to the vet. They kept him overnight, gave him medicine for the diarrhea, and tried to put him on IVs. He no longer could walk. The next day, the vet told us that they could not put him on IVs. He refused to eat, he just wanted water, his legs were all swollen, his heart rate was very low, and his blood pressure very low as well. He was draining fluids, he was unresponsive, he would not even open his eyes for me.

I had to make the hardest decision in my life, as I laid there on top of him saying good bye and asking him for forgiveness. The pain was so real.

A week later the pain is still so real, and he is so so missed. He will live forever in my heart, but I know that he is in heaven running around and being a healthy dog, and I will once again when my times comes hold him in my arms. Until then he will live forever in my heart....

All my love, Simba

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My Saint Bernard
by: Colin Grey

So sorry for your loss. We lost our Saint Bernard last week, aged 7. He had heart problems.

He too was called Simba. They are beautiful dogs and so so calm and chilled. We are looking for another one.

I loved him so much. It hurts like hell.

So Sorry
by: Quentin

Your Saint was beautiful! My Saint, Harpo, died May 16, 2012. Harpo was 12 years old and died of congestive heart failure. I miss him so bad! We love our Saints and all pets.

I'm so sorry for your loss
by: laurie dauer

Simba loved you as much as you loved him. It's so hard to see them suffering and I know, if you could have had all the money in the world, you would have spent it to get him better. I know this, because we lost our Holly at only 5 years and oh, so suddenly. I wish there was something we could have done to save her, but it was just too late.

Hopefully some day you can look back at the memories of your beautiful boy and smile without tears running down your face. It's going on 5 months for me losing my Holly Bear and I still cry almost every day.

Holly loved all dogs, so I am sure she has met your Simba at Rainbow Bridge and took him to meet new friends.

So sorry for you loss.

God bless you!
by: Anonymous

Take heart in knowing that you did the best you could for him.
Nobody could have done more for Simba. I'm sure one day you will see him again and he will be so happy to finally be with you again forever. This life is short, and you made his the best it could be.

God bless you for all you have been through.

You're a special person, and Simba is still a part of you.

by: JO

I know how you feel. I lost my Golden Retriever Feb. 5, 2011 and it is still heartbreaking. They are truly a part of the family, and when they are gone, we mourn them as one.

Simba was a beauty. My deepest sympathies for you and your family.

Condolences for You
by: Leah

We had to do the same with our Graphit. I understand how you are feeling. I kept on repeating to my husband... we brought Graph to the vet to be cured and not to die and allowing him to be put to eternal sleep on June 17 was a painful and difficult decision for us.

Sometimes, love has to let go for the sake of the beloved, but even if we know this, the pain will never fade.

Be strong, even as you keep on remembering your beloved Simba...

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