My Precious Dinah

by Kathy

I found Dinah at our local Humane Society. She had just been brought in, a stray wandering around a neighborhood. I was showing a picture of my current dog, Leia, to the shelter worker and told her that I just lost my 17 year old beagle/black lab mix, Niki.

I wanted a companion for Leia, but one that was gentle, as Leia had been horribly abused before we adopted her and was easily terrified of most anything or anyone.

The worker told me she just might have the perfect fit, a 2 year old hound mix that was still in quarantine as she had just been picked up. She brought out a large, very pretty black and brown dog, with the most amazing eyes. They were ringed with what we came to refer to as eyeliner. I fell in love instantly.

I had to bring Leia to the shelter for a meet and greet as was required by the shelter. Leia hated to ride in the car, so she was already upset and shaking when we arrived the next day.

But when the new girl was brought out, it was if she understood everything about Leia and gently sniffed her but not much more. I knew these two would become great friends. The new dog found a new home. I named her Dinah.

Dinah became part of our family for the next 12 years. I have had dogs my whole life and loved all of them, but I never have and never will have one like Dinah.

Through the years, she helped me through the loss of my darling Leia and helped welcome two more new sisters, Miranda and a rescued 7 lb doxie, Scarlett, who decided that Dinah was her new mom and insisted on lying right next to Dinah as much as possible. Dinah accepted this without hesitation. She understood Scarlett's needs, just as she understood Leia's insecurities.

Dinah was truly a four legged, furry angel who enriched our lives, both human and canine, for so many years. At age 14, she died in my arms, looking at me with those beautiful eyes.

As she passed over to Rainbow Bridge, I told her how much I loved her and to wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. I know she understood, and even though I know she is young and healthy once again, she is constantly listening and looking for me.

She is my little guardian angel, so when someone is sick or even getting ready to pass from this life, I ask her to go and lie quietly next to them, giving them comfort and love, just like she gave me for so many years.

I miss her so very much, even after a year. To have had her in my life for 12 years was truly a special gift. My precious Dinah continues to be in my heart. Someday I know we will be together again.

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by: Steven

How fortunate we are to have companions such as Dinah. As she waits for you she will welcome many sad and lost loves to sleep by her side. I hope that my two loves meet her.

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