Zuel, My Baby Boy

You left us early yesterday morning and took a piece of us with you. We all miss you so much, Zuely. Everywhere I look I see you. It's so hard going into Puppy's room and seeing the exact spot where you took your last breath.

You were the most spoiled dog ever. You came with a lot of maintenance, but we loved every minute of it (even when I felt like you were driving me nuts).

You fought through Addison's for 3 years and CHF for the last 10 months, but in the end your heart was too big, too gentle, and too loyal and it couldn't keep up.

As weak as you were in the end, you still managed to make it home from Pittsburgh to say goodbye to Puppy.

We will see you again, Big Boy. You will remain in my heart forever. We'll see you on the other side with Blue Shark, tennis balls, and plenty of wet dog food. We'll do flucks again and you'll be able to hike like you did when you were young.

I'll never meet another like you nor will you ever be replaced in my heart.

We'll love and miss you forever, my boy.

Master, Red Hair, Puppy

P.S. I won't let Yellow Dog rip up Blue Shark or Pig (she misses you too).

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