Zoe Baby

by Amy L
(Fort Worth, TX)

My Sweetie

My Sweetie


I love you more than anything and I miss you terribly. I loved you from the second I saw you. I am so sorry that your last ten days were spent the way that they were. I would have done things much differently if I had known how things would play out. I am so sorry I let you down. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time.

I love you and I will always miss your bright happy eyes, your cute little face at the window, your trotting through the house, your wagging tail, you tearing up your toys, your little feet on the coutertop reaching for anything, the way you let me hold you, the way you fell asleep in my arms, and the kisses you gave me. I will miss everything about you, even the naughty things you did - which all seem so trivial now.

I will always remember the long walks we took (I loved our alone time), you hiding under the bed and pouting when you were in trouble, your cute little face when I caught you doing something naughty, how excited you were when you woke up in the morning, how excited you were when I came home, and your cute tiny bark. I loved to watch you chew up your pool and carry it around - what a cutie you are.

Zoe, I really miss everything about you. You were so so sweet. I am so glad that I had you while I did. I will miss holding you at night while you fall asleep in my arms the most. I love you so so much. I really wish things were different. I would have given anything for things to be better while you were here.

You truly made my life better the short time you were with us, and I feel blessed to have had you while I did.

I know you are in heaven playing and enjoying life and I hope you are at peace. I love you more than anything and miss you terribly. I hope you knew before you left how much I really loved you.

Goodbye for now my love. Know that I love you and that I am thinking about you.

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