Zena the Pretty Girl

by Julie Hahn
(Castaic, CA, USA)

Zena the Pretty Girl

Zena the Pretty Girl

On Wednesday February 25, 2009, our family lost a precious part of us... Zena. She was a beautiful dog and gave us so many memories that will never be forgotten. I feel great sorrow. I will miss her deeply. I will miss her bark when I get home, her begging for food, her cleaning out the seat of the highchair, her sitting up like a "pretty girl," her cleaning her partner Jack, her catching a frisbee, her chasing the animals in the yard... I will miss everything.

I am so sorry that her body was attacked by the cruel cancer. We did what we could do for her, I wish it was more. We were lucky to have her an extra five months from the diagnosis.

I miss her so much. I hope she is in heaven with our family, watching over us as a new angel, with an unlimited supply of all the things she loved so much. One day we shall meet again. Until then we will think of you always, Zena.

Love you forever Zena! Forever.

Your Hahn Family

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To family of Zena
by: Pier, Mom of Margo(recent loss)

What a touching memory to share of Ms. Zena. Your description of her character stole my heart.

I lost my Margo in December 2008, of respiratory failure. It is quite amazing and such a gift to be blessed with 'Angel Animals' such as ours.

Your grandmother's response to your family loss was so sweet and sincere. I can see how God picked you as a family to care for her.

Thank you so much for your inspiring memorial.

Take Care.

God's Doggy Angels
by: Zenna's grandma

God gave us doggy angels to watch over us. They nurture the soul and provide comfort. They are one of God's greatest creations. They don't ask much of us in return, just to be loved and fed. They give us so much.

You and your family gave her a wonderful life. You took very good care of her. You also gave her dignity when it came time for her to leave this world. She left loving your little family just as you loved her.

She sits on the right hand side of the Heavenly Father now in a beautiful place with no pain or suffering. She is grateful and proud of her little family in Santa Clarita. As He looks down at her and says "good job Zenna!" she looks up at him and says with a doggy smile "Can I have my wings now?"

Our sympathies
by: Anonymous

May you and your family look back on the good times and not dwell on the bad. She will always have a special place in your heart and cancer can not take that away.


My condolences
by: Janice

Julie, that was really beautiful. You know that Zena was always close to my heart. I feel your pain!

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