You Taught Me...

by Dana
(Stafford, Virginia)

To Shyann, born August 1999, passed April 18, 2012. You, my big girl, who liked to have her butt scratched at all times, whom I would sneak into my bed against your dad's wishes, and where you slept the better part of your life.

I miss you so much. But you did not die in vain. I taught you to pee outside, sit, lay, fetch a ball, be polite to people and animals, shake hands, and to say please when offered a tidbit of something yummy.

But you, big girl, taught me so much more than the small things you accomplished in your 13 years of being my friend. I, for so long, hated the breed that you were. I labeled your breed as a nasty waste for the planet, killers of children and animals.

I was racist towards pit bulls, until I met you. You taught me that everybody is equal, everybody has love in them, unless denied love themselves.

You taught me that even on bad days, there was always fun in a simple game of catch, or horseshoes in your case. That a simple kiss from someone you love will mend the troubles of the day. Those lessons my friend, are far more valuable than bringing your ball back to me when I asked you to.

I will miss those days with you, girl, sitting on the porch watching the birds, listening to the kids play, watching you with your horseshoe, and the flop of your big butt at my lap to be scratched.

I will never forget you, Shy girl. You are so truly missed.

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I'm Still Here
by: Anonymous

It has been a week now. I'm still reeling over your loss.

Your food bowl is still in the same spot, in case you get hungry. Your bed is still empty, in case you need to rest. Your horseshoe is still in the back yard, in case you ever want to play. And I am still here, in case you need your butt scratched.

by: Anonymous

Profound words to live by. Thank you!

by: Anonymous

Isn't it amazing how those with so many preconceived ideas can be taught by those with none?

I pray Shy's spirit finds peace and rest, and that you never forget the simple yet important lessons her lack of prejudice / judgment taught you.

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