You Did Good Max!

by Yum

Max was a Pug who was very strong-headed and difficult to care for all through his life. He only looked for me and waited for me. He sat by my side, on my foot, day by day.

Max was a good boy who waited until my leg got better and able to walk after I broke my ankle. "You must have been in such pain waiting for me, Max." He was a very good boy to let others take care of him during the bed resting time.

He was weak. He did everything that I asked him to do, because he wanted to get better.
He had lymphocyte leukemia for a while, the doctor said. That somehow exploded from okay to the worst very quickly.

Just 10 days after he was diagnosed, I had to make a decision to put him to rest. He suffered enough and it was time to rest in my arms forever. That was my decision and Max would have understood. He smiled while he was shaking during our last moments of "good bye."

He liked the word "good boy" and "you did good." I was very proud of him. He was 13 years old. He would have been 14 in May.

I realized that dogs do not live for themselves, they live for us. They worry about us until their death.

Max, he was a special Pug. Special for me.

I miss him. It has been only 1 week and I still feel like he will be here. He will not be coming back.

I will never forget him. I'm hoping that he is free and happy now and we will see each other again.

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Yes, Max Did Good, As Did My Mathilda This Early Morning
by: Susan

These precious creatures surround our minds and hearts with love and teach us the joy in living to be carried on in their names. Such devotion and constancy in my little westie for 10 years until kidney disease led to a quick but somewhat gentle demise. She died as she lived, gently, lovingly and forbearingly, accepting our devotion with a last loving look.

Thank You!
by: Yum

Thank you for your warm comments.

I believe that Max will comes around, now that you told me. I have not had any dream of Max. I still refuse to wash his clothes or toys. I was feeling really bad.

It's has been only 10 days since he has been gone. I call him, saying "You did good, Max" almost every day. That was my last word to him after he went cold.

You are very kind to write to me. I was not expecting it at all. Co Co was a lucky girl.

I wish you well.

God's Speed Max
by: Ed

It sounds like Max was a very lucky little guy to have been loved and cared for so much during his troubled lifetime. I'm sure he's whole again and looking down on you from the Rainbow Bridge, smiling and wagging his tail in "thanks" for treating him so well during his time on Earth.

Max will be back.Wait and see. My Co Co comes to me in dreams and there have been more than a few times I've sensed / smelled her in the house.

Gentle, pure, sweet souls like theirs don't just go away after death. hey are the purest of the pure and surely God's very special Angels.

I'm so sorry for your loss and the pain it's causing. Remember Max in life, and smile. We know he'd want you to be happy.

God Bless
Ed in Denver

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