by Maureen

The indomitable Yoda

The indomitable Yoda

Yoda, known originally as Suzy-Q, came into our lives nearly a year and a half ago. About 16 years, bred till she couldn't produce any more, caged for most of her life, arthritis so bad she could barely stand, blind, deaf, mammary tumors, and kidneys slowly losing function. She wasn't expected to last very long.

She had great contempt for humans and made that very clear when I picked her up from the rescue group who had saved her at the shelter. Smart as a whip for most of the time, in spite of the odd moments of dementia, she soon figured out that it was worth hanging around the planet for a while longer to take advantage of the luxurious lifestyle she had so deserved but never had before.

She slept for 23 hours a day, didn't care much for food, but the highlight of her life was to roll on the green grass and run around the garden for a minute or two (after the arthritis medicine kicked in).

We renamed her Yoda for her great wisdom. Humans never rose much in her estimation but she acknowledged a master/slave relationship with immediate family and actually wagged her tail when she smelled me when I arrived home. She was courageous, defiant, fiercely independent.

We lost her in the early hours of February 21st, after a year and a quarter of her grace. She will always be missed for her indomitable spirit in a tiny 7 lb., much abused, frame.

We love you, Yoda!

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by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know your sorrows. Tthese guys we call pets are more than that. They are truly family members. I have 4 little doxies annd I love them dearly. I lost my little Opie on Dec. 13th 2008. He died in my arms. My doxies are all rescues like your Yoda.

Your friend and dog lover too, Linda

by: Bobby

Bless your great big beautiful hearts! Your story made mine glow...

Bless the Beast and the Children
by: Kathy

I know that that dog had a horrible life. It is heartbreaking how some animals are treated. I know Yoda had to be so grateful to you for showing her kindness and consideration if only for a short while in her lifetime. Your story reminds me of the song by the Carpenters, Bless the Beast and the Children.

by: Joy

What blessings beloved Yoda bestowed upon you all. What great lessons she taught you. Love and Light to you and to Yoda. xx

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