Without Sage A Year Later...And It Seems Like Only Yesterday

by Don
(San Diego)

Dad and Sage

Dad and Sage

A year ago...October 1st 2010, I said goodbye to my little buddy Sage. My little Bear, my little Man.

I came home from work early so I could spend a few last hours with him and Karen. A few final hours together as a family.

We walked him around the block in his little stroller, because he could not walk on his own. We sat together with him in the sunshine; although he had been blind for much of his life, he loved the warmth of the sun, especially when he could lean up against Mom or Dad in the grass. And then we took him for his last ride in the Jeep.

Our other four-legged family member, Lal, is still with us - she is healthy and happy and we love her dearly - but I can tell she still misses her brother - they always kept each other company.

It is inexplicable to me - I have buried family and friends and mates in the Army and other canine family, but never have I been affected by loss as I have by this little Lhasa Apso. Even now I see the spot where is bed sat by the front room window, and I feel the same emptiness I felt a year ago.

How such a small being could take up such a big space in my heart is incredible to me.

I am not a believer, but were I to adopt a faith, it would have to be one where the Rainbow Bridge really existed...because to have Sage waiting for me and Karen would truly be Heaven.

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I Know What You're Going Through
by: Paul Masters

Hi Don,

I lost my little girl Mia a few months ago and I still can't believe she is gone. I have lost plenty of family and friends over the last 50 years, but this little dog has affected me more than any other loss.

I've been told it gets easier, but I'm still waiting. Our other little dog Oli keeps us going. I too don't believe in much but I want to think she is happy and waiting for me. I feel your pain, Don.

All the best. Paul

Sage and Time
by: Anonymous

I hope that you will be re-united with your dear Sage at the Rainbow Bridge, when your own time comes. Remember, Love does not die, and beloved Sage lives on, only in a nearby different meadow to yours. xx

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