Why Did You Have To Be Such a Good Boy?

by Mike
(Deltona, FL)

Why did you have to be so smart? I now know why you were so big, because you had so much love to give.

I miss bear hugging you and your reaching back to give me a kiss to let me know you loved me just as much. I miss having to hold you back inside when I left for work and later when you would give me the evil eye because the lights were on, as I was preparing to go to work in the early morning hours.

I miss how you knew I was cooking you a burger and would bark from outside to let you in just as it was coming off the foreman. I miss how you would bring me the leash when you were done eating so we could go for our nightly walk.

I miss you giving me a kiss as I was laying on the ground fixing the cars and then go and lay down directly in my way so I would take a break. I miss watching you roll over in the sand right after mommy finished giving you a bath.

I miss you barking at mommy and me when we would be horsing around, telling us to behave. I miss you heading straight for the door whenever I gave you a bone. I miss watching you play with your babies (stuffed animals) and bringing them in when it was time to go to bed.

I miss watching your paws move when you would dream. I miss your snoring.

Home is not the same without you. I still walk around the spot where you would sleep outside our bedroom door. You were too smart for your own good. That is what makes this so hard. I know if you were still here, you would be by side, giving me comfort by leaning on my with your 120 pounds of love.

Right now I need you to give my arm a nudge so I can give you a bear hug as you reach back and give me a kiss. You are Mommy's Mutt and you will always be Daddy's Doggy. I love you so much and I miss you forever. Be a good boy.

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Thank You
by: Mike

Thank you. I knew I would be sad, but I had no idea how bad I would be torn up.


His name is Gator.

by: Sharon

I am so sorry about your loss. I know the pain. I lost my beloved pet too. I am trying to deal with how much I miss her. She lived to be almost 13 years old and gave me much joy.

We know in our hearts that they loved us very much, and we loved them. Someday, we know they will be waiting for us at Heaven's gate.

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