We named her Saving Grace

by Judy M.
(Cary, IL)

Gracie in the Daffodils

Gracie in the Daffodils

And we called her Gracie. She was the most human dog I have ever known. She died yesterday (Jan 30, 2009) after surgery performed for a bowel obstruction. She was a majestic 10 year old Newfoundland Dog.

Perhaps we were in denial that her body was failing, her heart was weak, she struggled to get upstairs, she couldn't go on long walks or even swim in the lake, she seemed to aspirate when she was eating, and was on medication for urine incontinence. But she still smiled at us and wanted to be everywhere we were in the house. When she needed emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction there was no question if we would do surgery on her. But her heart just couldn't take it and she died the next morning.

I am most sad that I couldn't be with her the moment she died - as I had been with her so much in life, but my husband was there and she was surrounded by compassionate Vets and Vet techs. They did everything they could for her, but it was just her time to go.

I will miss her greatly, but I know that we had a wonderful 10 years together. She went on vacations with us and we included her in most everything we did. As I said before - she was the most human dog - she understood most everything we said and responded to normal sentences. At 10 years old, I knew she was not long for this world; so often I would just hug her and tell her how much I would miss her when she was gone. And she always hugged me back.

Good-bye My Gracie. I miss you so much!

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Goodbye Gracie
by: Ann Marie

Gracie had a great family and was very loved. She was such a lovable girl. I never met a Newf before and she made a great impression with her gentle way. She was certainly one of a kind.

Gracie's first mom
by: Lorie

I needed a little time to find the right words to enter

Our goal is to place pups with the best homes possible, hoping that the family and puppy do not just connect, but connect at the heart. It was a PLEASURE to place Gracie with you. She was a VERY fortunate Newfie, and obviously tried to return her good fortune with her loyalty and adoration for her "people family."

We often place this poem in our pup packets when the owner receives their pup. Somehow it seems to fit now also.

You can not buy Loyalty, they say
I bought it though;
You can't buy friendship, tried and true, well just the same I bought that too.
I made a bid, and on the spot I bought Love and Faith and a whole lot of happiness.
I bought a simple trusting heart that gave devotion from the start,
If you think these things are not for sale,
Buy a brown-eyed pup with a wagging tail.

We truly thank you for Gracie's wonderful home.

Lorie, Sunni-side Newfs

She lived life large!!!!
by: Anonymous

Grace was an awesome dog and we were glad to have known her. Ten years is pretty darn good for a newfie and I'm sure she lived that long because of your love.

Rest in peace, Grace.

So Sorry
by: Anonymous

Isn't she absolutely lovely. I am so sorry for your loss. Grace seems such a fitting name for such a peaceful animal.

Saving Grace
by: Sam Lasley

We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. My wife and I lost our little Rikki ( a rat terrier ) that we had saved from a certain death some 16 years ago and while she lived to be 18 she was suffering from the same problems that your Grace had.

It has been about 6 weeks since we had her euthanized (reluctantly) and we miss her so much we still cry when we speak of her.

If dogs don't go to Heaven, and we're sure they do, then we want to go where dogs go as we miss our Rikki so much.

Please know that there are many many of us out here who share your pain. It will never go away, but thankfully it will lessen with time and the assurance that you will indeed see her again.

by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to read that she looked so sweet. I had to put Dolly down Novemeber 30th. Time will heal your wounds, but it will not be easy. Hang in there. I know Grace knew you were with her. She is waiting for you in heaven and. Make no mistake -- right now she is having the time of her life with no more pain.

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