We Lost Our Family Member Hercules, August 24, 2003 to November 06, 2011

by Perreida



Our little family member, Mr. Hercules, a Mini-Yorkie, just 6 lbs, died at age 8. He got bit by a fighting dog, which caused him to be almost unable to breathe. The veterinarian couldn't find the issue, and neither could we. We were told to go home and everything would be fine.

On the night Sunday to Monday, we lost our family member, who wasn't just a pet. He was our son. We had him since he was a puppy. The best friend of both of us.

We still had so many plans for all of us, which were destroyed in an act of rage. We feel so helpless and can't accept the way things turned out. Our baby never did a single bad thing in his whole life, and that was the way the world says thank you to him?

My little baby Hercules, you know that we will keep our door open for you, you will keep your place on our side, in our home. Bad things will never happen again to you.

You brought the sunlight, heartfelt smiles, and amazing times into our lives. We can't thank you enough for spending your lifetime on our side.

We love you.

Your Daddy and your Mom

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by: Perreida

I found an acceptable way, to honor my little friend. I ordered an urn, called "weeping angel cremation urn." I will also have an engraved plaque for him with a picture of all of us together at a good time, and his name.

I believe he isn't gone from our side. Our neighbor's dog, one of his friends, is always talking and visits the place in our home where Hercules passed away, when he comes by to visit.
He never did this in his 9 years of life.

So hard it is. I can feel more love than ever before now. I was a guy, like most, thinking about money, work, cars, whatever, but now, I know how important time is.

I'm 34 now and learned the most important thing through my little best friend Hercules, who had never problems with money or politics. He had just his, my and my wife's hearts to take care of, and he did a perfect job, all of the time.

So sorry for your loss of Hercules
by: Janette

We lost our 8 year old german shepherd 5 days ago. I really feel your pain. It's the most unbearable pain I have ever felt. The loss is indescribable.

Just try to remember all the good times. Like people say, time's a great healer. I hope this is correct. It just doesn't feel real, more like a nightmare.

Remember, they are never far away. I'm sure your little friend is closer than you think and watching over you just like our furry friend.

I hope you feel comfort knowing you loved your little friend more than anyone could imagine.

A big hug from us to you!

Janette and family:)

Memories of Hercules
by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, the world can be a cruel place. Our pets become members of our family.

I lost my Carley several months ago. I was lucky to have had her for almost 13 years. It still was not enough time. It still hurts, and I miss her so bad.

I am planning on getting a new puppy in the spring, and somehow I know Carley would approve.

We will someday look back and remember all the funny things they did to make us laugh. We will always keep them in our hearts and know they will be on the other side, waiting for us.

Take care.

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