Varnie's World

by Keisha

Mommie Shenka

Mommie Shenka

Nirvana Born May 2015 - July 22, 2019

Nirvana was a very loving, caring, and playful human form dog. She loved everyone in and on sight.

Varnie was known for going into the trash. She knew better. She would run under my bed (she knew once she did that I wasn't going to do anything).

She played so much, barking and running around, wanting attention so you could chase her. Varnie would use the bathroom on my floor. I would be so upset with her and start fussing. She would go away and come back like she did nothing and lay right up under me.

She loved when she knew you and you came to the home. She would be so excited, jumping all over you, wanting you to pick her up, and licking you. She's known for ice and water, my favorite. We would eat ice together.

I couldn't do anything without her/ She even wanted to go to the stores, but couldn't get out the car. Our last laugh was last week. I was talking to my boss on the phone and I kept feeling something sharp on my ankles. Varnie was biting my ankles while I was on the phone. I stopped and asked, "Why are you biting me?" My baby wanted some attention the entire time.

Varnie, you opened up my eyes. I learned a valuable lesson, to pay attention to the people who really love me, because they can be gone in a blink of an eye.

Varnie leaves her mom Keisha Odom, and Orlando Douglas. Sisters Mackenzie, Dominique, Skyla and Promise, and brothers Derrick, Erick and Exavier, plus other family members.

We will truly miss you so much. It's been hard for me, Shinka. I really love and miss you. Rest in Doggie Heaven!

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