Unforgettable, One of a Kind, My Kohl

by D. Iantha Bryan
(Tulalip WA)

Our 1st Year and Last

Our 1st Year and Last

You left last year in the midst of a very difficult year of loss. It is raw still and feels like only yesterday. The memory of the beginning of our life together is so vivid. When your picture popped up on Petfinder.com with that forlorn expression, you touched something in me. I wanted you to come live with me, and we remained partners for the rest of our life together.

What a loving, bumpy, sometimes difficult, complex, hilarious, exciting, educational, rewarding and unforgettable journey we traveled, dear heart. How many trainers passed through our lives before we finally found the perfect training team for us?

My vision of what we could be came into full view along with full comprehension of our relationship – you to me and me to you. I will never forget the months of fun, instruction and companionship we shared. When we left training, it was with a clear understanding of what you needed from me.

You were my comfort, my guard dog, my funny and playful puppy and my heart's delight. It became clear to me that you would always be my "GrowlyBear," and clearly not particularly in love with people or dogs. Selfishly, I preferred you that way. Your guarded nature kept me safe and I kept you safe by earning street cred and always having your back.

I will love you always, Kohly. Our time together will forever seem too short.

I will miss being delighted by the music of your precious, loudly squeaking toys. I will miss your enthusiastic, thundering and celebratory runs through the house whenever you came inside from taking care of business. I will miss your "growliness" and constant barky conversation. I will miss that quizzical look of yours like you wanted to ask me a question. I will miss the pure loudness with which you lived your life 24 hours a day.

You are my heart dog. Rest in Love, sweet soul.

"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." Will Rogers

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To John
by: D. Iantha

Yes, John, Kohl was my heart dog. There will be no other like him.

However, I believe that my life could not be complete unless I honor the loving relationship I had with Kohl by welcoming another "orphan" into it.

Thus begins a new and different journey!

Kohl, and the Rainbow Bridge
by: John

I never met Kohl, and no other dog will ever be Kohl. I'm going to suggest there's a wonderful dog, full of love and excitement, sitting in a cold cell, with no people (actually, there are millions).

I'll further suggest that if you can take in another lonely canine soul, you will hear Kohl's applause all the way from the Rainbow Bridge. I don't believe in heaven, but I choose to believe in the Rainbow Bridge.

There I'll meet my wife and every pet I've ever had, all restored to good health. I have to believe in the Rainbow Bridge (Google it). I don't know if you're able to take in another orphan, but I believe it will bring more joy than only memories.

If you get another canine friend, you still have all the memories of Kohl, and the world is one dog better, and that's a lot!

Much love, John

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