Tuck, We Will Love You Forever

by Rob
(Nashville, TN)

Tuck was born August 1995 and was freed from his aged body February 27, 2012. He was a friend and my brother for 16.5 years, loving me through many struggles and celebrations, including my marriage last year.

He was an athletic, stubborn lab that loved unconditionally. Tuck ran many miles with me. His love for running and walks endured until the end. His sweetness only grew as time went on.

We miss Tuck beyond words and I hope to run again with him some day. His end was inevitable and only hastened by a tumor that grew and eventually proved too much to carry around on his side. Our love for him led us to make the most painful decision to let him rest and escape the struggle that engulfed his body.

I have known no greater love. Thank you Tuck for being at my side and for always loving me unconditionally. Thank you for your strength and for seeing me through to a place in life where you knew I would be cared for and loved. Travel on baby boy, sweet gentle soul that you are.

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by: Montana Girl

Man, those Labs are killer. Lost Kate at 11.5 years on 1/16/12. Tuck sounds similar - always in your business. What more could you ask for?


Missing Him Too...
by: Liz

Such a beautiful memorial, Rob. I miss Tuck too...so much. We'll continue to celebrate and remember what a wonderful companion and friend he was and remains. Sweet, sweet boy.

Your Work on Earth Is Done, Tuck. Rest in Peace
by: Ed

What a beautiful, moving tribute to your loyal friend. I lost my CoCo on December 27th and can relate to your feelings.

Knowing they are at peace and free of pain / illness provides comfort, but it cannot replace or take away missing / longing to hold them again just one more time.

God Bless, Rob

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