Trixie Delight

Saturday we lost Trixie, our beloved little brown girl. She was a GSP, 9 years old, who died of pancreatitis and kidney failure. We got her 2 weeks after we lost our previous dog, Dottie. She came to us on the same day we picked up Dottie's cremains, and it felt so right.

We welcomed her to the house, and 'introduced' her to Dottie. I told her that Dottie had been our best girl, and that she would be our best girl too. We loved her so much from the start.

She was so cute, and stubborn! She loved to walk and run with me, and would play ball for hours. When it was too cold, we would go to the basement and play, with her chasing the ball, while I sat on the trampoline.

She had a boyfriend, Rocky, who lived down the street. He loved her, and would get a little too excited to see her. He passed away a few years ago. After a few years, we got Buddy, who instantly became her friend and brother. They played so well together, so rough. Buddy would let her bite his neck and be rough, even though he was bigger and stronger. She was the leader, and made sure he knew it with a look. He always wanted to lay by Trix, and she was fine with that too.

She was a champion cuddler, and always wanted to lie under the covers. No dog could snuggle like Trixie. Her velvet ears made the perfect stress release, to rub them and relax.

They had so many great walks at the woods, and so many fun outings at the dog park and Animal Ark. The neighborhood dogs would come to play, and she taught all the puppies how to respect an older dog, and not to misbehave.

We gave her such a good life, and tried to give her everything. When she got sick, we spent what was needed on her care, and made the right, hard decision. I loved her so much, and I miss her so much.

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