Tonight I Say Goodbye... But to Whom?

by Bruce P
(Staten Island, NY)

What is the difference between a best friend and a brother?

I want to know...

Which one of the two will stand by me and fight side by side when a bunch of bullies try to jump me?

Who can I count on to get me through my parents having a bad separation, and then be there for me again when they try to work things out?

Who is always ready to go explore the woods any time I want to go?

Who is always ready to play games and wrestle?

Who always makes sure the games that are played, are played fair and the rules are followed to many of the different games we play?

Who is ready to sit back and just chill by the lake and lounge out during summer school breaks?

Who is always ready to hang out with my friends?

Who is there to sleep in with me on a lazy Saturday morning?

Who is there to make sure I am safe and keep me company while I take out the trash?

Who sneaks out of the house and rings the doorbell at 5am to be let in?

Who can I always count on to make me feel better no matter how horrible of a day I was having?

With whom can I have countless amazing stories and memories to share? Whom can I call best friend?


It's been almost 3 years since you passed away. I got you as a pup when I was 15 and lost you to cancer when I was 30. I still miss you. The funny thing is, I miss you more as the years pass on, because I know I will never meet anyone like you again.

You were more than just a best friend, you were family. I guess that is why it took me so long to say goodbye. But I now understand to have never known you would be more of a tragedy than to have lost you altogether.





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