Toby... the Best Dog Ever

by Amy
(Dallas, Texas)

On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, at approximately 10:10 p.m. CT, Toby Engler died shortly after being hit by a car.

In short, Toby Engler was the best dog that ever lived. Sweet, kind, compassionate and completely giving of love. We loved him so much and miss him immensely.

He was not on a leash and should have been, and because of that, I will forever feel tremendous guilt. In his seven years on earth, he was happy and loved. I hope he as is happy up in heaven as he was with us.

We love and miss you Toby!!!!! Take care boy.

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Trog, my very best friend
by: David

So sorry... I too lost my boy to a car on May 9th. He was only 3 & 3/4 yrs old. Life seems so cruel. I just keep thinking of how loving he was and how much happiness he brought to all he met.

I know they want us to be happy and spread joy as they did. I understand your guilt!

Read my memorial if you like...

Take care. David

In Memory of Toby
by: Pier


I read your memorial of Toby, and felt the loss and sadness that you and your family must be experiencing.

I lost my dog 'Margo' back in December 2008. I also felt a lot of guilt over losing her. As a nurse, I could think of at least ten reasons why she could have lived, and I did not 'recognize the signs'.

Like humans, I truly believe that our pets are like angels, because of how they enter our lives when we most need them and in time, their spirit moves on to bring joy to another owner/family.

Please try not to feel too guilty, too long.

What a special little man your Toby must have been.

Sincerely, Pier

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