Toby, Rest Peacefully

by Cherie
(Long Island NY)

Toby, I miss you so much and will always love you. I never wanted to say goodbye, nor did I bear to stand the thought of euthanasia. But you were suffering and it broke my heart into pieces seeing you in pain.

I really wish we could have done something more to help you but the vet said there was no hope. Whatever you had, either osteomyelitis or bone cancer, was taking over your body and your bones were so weak that you couldn't walk anymore, and then the last few days, you fell and broke your shoulder.

I'm so sorry baby. I hope you can forgive me for putting you down. I never wanted to say goodbye but the vet said there was no more hope for you...

I love you angel, so much. I wish you never had to go through that pain. I love you always.

Love, Cherie

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