To the Little Man Who Stole My Heart

by Nicole
(Victoria, TX)

Little Man

Little Man

Where do I even start? Little Man was My Buddy. He followed me everywhere when I was outside. He was always there when I called him. Most of time he would just come running when he heard my voice or the back door opening.

He and I became very close from the first time I saw him. He found his way to my back porch from a neighbor's house. He was born July 4th, 2011. We adopted him from the neighbor.

We recently lost him to what we think may have been a car accident. We were not home at the time. Which makes things even worse because now we are left with the what ifs.

He was a Corgy boxer mix. Just an adorable and lovable puppy. He stole anyone's heart from first sight. One of the best dogs anyone could have asked for.

I feel lost when I go outside and see his igloo and toys. We buried him under an old mesquite tree where we once played together.

I can't do anything but cry when I think about him or even look outside the window. I miss him so much already. He is the Little Man who stole my heart. He will never be forgotten by me.

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Still Missing You
by: Nicole

Well it's May 23rd and I'm still missing my little man. I can't find it in me to move his igloo off the patio. I find myself wondering how big he would be now. I'm sure he'd be just as handsome and lovable as ever. Nothing will bring him back but he lives on in my heart always.

I love you, Little Man
Missing You

Thanks for Your Compassion
by: Nicole

It's not even been a week since we buried Little Man. The anger of me not being here for him is getting the best of me. I just can not get past what happened to him. He wasn't even a year old. In our neighborhood (we live in the country), we have a lot of dogs that roam outside of their yards.

Why him? I know my what ifs will never have answers. I just hate to think he suffered like he did without me here to comfort or help him.

We were able to save one of our other dogs that was hit by a truck last Christmas. But we were home and heard the accident. It was several vet house calls but he is still with us today.

I can't help but think if I were home and aware that Little Man was hurt, he could've been saved also.

We Will Dearly Miss Him!
by: Cristal Parkinson "Pawsitively Stylin Dog Grooming Salon"

Written from the heart of a dear client of mine. Nicole, I pray that the days will get easier as time goes by. I know they will, but it will take time.

Just remember he is still forever in your heart when you need to call on him. We will all miss him!

RIP "Little Man"

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