To the Dog I love

by Marco Pacitti



To the Dog I love
To the Dog I miss
To the Dog I will miss
To the Dog I will never forget
To the Dog that gave me everything
Expecting nothing in return
I can only ask your forgiveness.

You came into my life at a young age
Full of joy, full of energy
Full of hope and full of trust
Without even the need to know me.

You tried to teach me the meaning of life
How to live each day with joy
How to always enjoy the company of the ones you love
How to always be there and listen
How to always be happy with the simple things in life
How to always be happy, no matter what
I can only say that I tried to learn and hope to continue.

I can only hope that I did not disappoint you
I can only hope that I did my best to make you happy
I can only hope that I showed you as much love as you showed me
I can only hope that you enjoyed your life with me
I can only hope that you can forgive me for all the mistakes I made.

To the one who understood me
To the only one who never got angry at me
To the one who always loved me no matter what
To the one who was always happy to see me
I can only promise that you will never be forgotten.

Never to be forgotten, my pal, my friend
I will never be same without you.

June 06, 2002 – September 06, 2011
An Example To All

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