To Rudy

by Tracie
(Portland Maine)

He is/was/forever adorable

He is/was/forever adorable

I love you so much that God took you away
And if he's listening there's a message I'd like to relay
I'd like to know the reason why my dog is gone
I couldn't have done anything so wrong
So wrong that you would take my best friend
My loyal companion until the painful end
My hands ache to stroke his fur
My brain strains to remember how things were
I feel so lonely, I feel total despair
A dog like Rudy is very rare
There's nothing to come home to anymore
No one waiting, wagging when I open the door
I'll never have a friend like him ever again
Life got so cruel, but I can't say why or when
I want to kiss him between his eyes
I don't want to think of him and to look to the skies
I'm desperate to touch him, see him, smell him
To save him I would have scaled the longest limb
He always helped me, but I could not return the favor
I wish I'd known all I'd have to savor
I just wish I knew he was safe and alright
That he's more than just a bright star shining at night
I'll save your seat in your favorite chair
I'll keep the Christmas collar you always wear
Most of all I'll miss you and all you did for me
You are beautiful, especially your three legged pee

To Rudy. My best friend, who died of leukemia 6/19/08. He was only 5.

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Thank you
by: Tracie

I want to thank everybody who wrote kind words to my post. It has been three years since Rudy passed and it never gets easier. I really do appreciate the posts. Thank you and your dogs.

by: David

Tracie, I feel your pain to the core. My dog Austin (Chocolate Lab) passed June 1st and I still catch myself looking for him.

It's a core pain, a pain that just makes you burst into tears at any given time and for no real reason. Except the weight felt by your lost companion.

I look forward to the day when I can open my heart up again to another little fur bundle of joy. I hope for you the same. Peace

To Tracie
by: Karen

Dear Tracie,

I was moved to tears, tears and more tears as I read your beautiful poem on your dog, Rudy. The poem said everything and asked questions that I asked myself also when I lost my dog last week Sunday.

I understand very well how you are feeling. It hurts, and I'd really like to say, "It hurts like hell."

That bond between a master/mistress and his/her dog is unbelievable. I ask myself every night while trying to go to sleep: "What is it that we love so very much about our pet dogs that when we're apart by death, we suffer so much heartache and sadness?" There are too many answers.

Tracie, I want to assure you that with time, the pain will lessen. Keep the great memories of Rudy always. My German Shepherd, Tiger, who is also on this site, died last week and I'm still feeling sick with sadness, but I pray each day that God will give me the strength to recuperate.

I am thinking of you, like all the others on this site, and hoping that we all recuperate from our losses.

Loss, Loss and Loss
by: Susan

I have just read your post and wanted to say that I completely identify with what you have said. I can't even begin to contemplate talking about the loss of my friend Tilly on 19.5.11. I know I should but just can't. However, your post was something I wanted to respond to as it shot straight to my heart... S

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