To Our Devoted Milo Dog

by Lynne

 Milo Helping me with the washing

Milo Helping me with the washing

Milo, you were ill, my sweetie. You suffered for 7 years with diabetes though we controlled it day and night for you. But we didn't know why you were getting sick. In the last couple of weeks, you went downhill, infection after infection. Then your diabetes medication wasn't working.

At last we found a vet, Kiera, at an emergency vet's in Woosehill. She knew you weren't well. She scanned you and saw you had cancer in the final stages. You must have been weak from bravely fighting the pain we didn't really know you had. You were in pain, my darling, and I couldn't take that away from you as much as I would have done.

So the best present I could give you was to make you sleep peacefully. I cared for you for 14 1/2 years, 7 1/2 years with your diabetes. Dad and I loved you unconditionally and gave you the very best of foods, baked chicken and all kinds of nice things that you loved. You had round-the-clock vets when it was needed, a warm and cosy home with a lovely garden to run in when you were the Milo we knew.

Over the last few months you were getting more fragile. We couldn't have done anymore. Please forgive us. We all loved you, your Charlotte and Nicholas. You were happy and were loved as much as you loved us back.

Rest in blissful sleep, my beautiful boy. I shall never ever stop thinking about you, and soon you will be back with us.

In Memory of Milo Alexander, who died peacefully Monday 25th August 2014

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Thank You
by: Lynne

Thank you, Ed, for your lovely words. That was so kind. Someone who has been through it.

Angels Among Us
by: Ed

What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Milo, Lynne.

God knew his little Milo would need very special angels to care for him during his time on Earth. Rest assured, God hand-picked you for Milo long before you ever knew.

You gave Milo the best anyone could offer, and made his life one of love, fun and friendship. When it was time for him to return to God, you helped him arrive safely, and peacefully.

Surely God has prepared a special place in heaven for you. Milo will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting to join you there for eternity.

May you find peace through this difficult time.

Ed in Denver, Colorado

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