To My Handsome, Faithful and Loving German Shepherd, Tiger

by Karen
(Trinidad, West Indies)



The night we collected "Bubbles" from his Mum, baby brothers and sister, lightning flashed severely, thunder rolled heavily and so did the rain. We could barely see through the windshield of the car. The rain pounded non-stop.

On reaching our home in his little box with him squeaking wildly, "Bubbles" looked confused, unhappy and as though he was highly traumatised. His loud yaps were telling us that he missed his siblings and wanted to go back home. My 2 little girls and I played with him gently on the floor and gave him a small bowl of warm milk, trying our best to pacify his anxiety.

It was at the foot of my bed that night and ever since that he slept, just the size of one floor tile. He was the cutest and fluffiest black cotton-balled pup ever with floppy ears and giant-sized paws. His name in our house was "Tiger" (his new name) because he looked liked a tiger.

The days, weeks and months went by. Tiger grew to be a handsome mature-looking dog by 4 months with a coat that was black, fawn, beige, brown, silver, grey, cream and white - so magnificent-looking and shiny. His little yaps became deeper-sounding barks and his tiny tongue was now a long one giving loving licks to our faces.

At the age of 9 weeks though, little Tiger (Tigzee) developed a twisted gut. His symptoms were awful - he got like a skinny rat and our Vet took him in immediately on calling into his office and he went into surgery. "I wish to tell you that your pup is a miracle pup. All the pups that I did surgery on for twisted guts died; yours survived."

I promptly told the Vet that while he was performing the surgery, my girls and I were at the church around the corner praying to God that he would save our new sweetheart. After he returned home and recuperated nicely, the same symptoms turned up and it was back to surgery. "Your pup is a very lucky fellow. You all are blessed." So, our little Tigzee survived another operation and went on to be a healthy dog of 9 years.

I composed songs for him with words. He had a special song that I sang for him on mornings while he was curled up at the foot of my bed, then one for the afternoon when it was time to play on the lawn, and one at bedtime. Whenever I was ill in bed (with flu, etc.) he'd be at my side staring at me and whining. He was the reason I got better faster than normal.

He loved to smell the flowers and the grass outside. He loved to take walks around the perimeter of our premises, always stopping to smell things on the lawn. Whenever I played the piano, until the wee hours of the morning, he'd lie down by my side and keep me company. "This one is for YOU!" I'd tell him, and he'd look up at me in astonishment and then pant gently.

He was like a child in our family and welcomed everyone returning home. He loved playing ball on the lawn and splashing in the little plastic pool that I bought for him. He had toys all around the house. Everyone loved him. They all said he looked "REGAL."

Tiger enjoyed his meals, every one of them and his morning milk, right up until we had to get the Vet to come and put him to sleep last Sunday. Our poor "baby" could not walk in the end and he had swollen glands all around his body. The Vet said he was in a lot of pain and he would not get better - cancer of the lymphatic glands!!

I have not stopped crying for Tiger ever since he passed away. He brought our family so much happiness, love, joy. He was so faithful.

It was only when he passed away did I realize how our lives revolved around him. From morning to nighttime, he was on our minds - where is he? In or out? Did he get his milk? What about the meat? Is is thawing out? Where is his ball? Do we need to buy shampoo? Where is his towel? The questions make a long list.

Tiger Honey, we know that you're in Heaven and God is looking after you. We just miss the physical aspect of you and we miss patting and hugging you but you're right here with us, looking after us. Every morning, I sing your favourite song to you and at bedtime, I sing your "Bedtime" song which you loved to hear me sing.

There were so many nights I'd open my eyes while sleeping in bed and see your two large front legs/paws on my bed with your body hanging from the edge and you'd be staring at me in my face. I'm sure you were wondering if I was OK.

Tiger Honey, I miss you, we all miss you and the house seems so quiet with you not here. Your toys are still left scattered around on our front pathway where you used to love to chew them while keeping an eye on those nearing our front gate.

I lit a large candle for you last Sunday to help ease our pain. It still does not go away. You were the best dog ever and no other dog could compare to you. It's such a pity that you did not grow to be 13 or 14 years, but we must be grateful for the 9 years that you were with us. We love you and always will ... for the rest of our days. You were our angel on earth!!!


"Mummy" and The Girls

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Thank You, Leah
by: Karen

Thank you so very much for your kind words. I see that you got another pup. Good for you! I do hope that by doing so, it will help take all that sadness away from your heart.

I certainly loved the picture of Graphit that you posted. You were so extremely lucky to have had him with you for so many years. Good Luck!

I Know How Much You're Hurting
by: Alison

So sad to hear about your loss. Like you, we lost our shepherd to cancer 9 months ago and the Lord knows it has not been easy for us, moving on that is.

Tiger had a great mommy. With all the songs played on the piano for him and all those ball games, he knew for sure he was loved. I guess he must be up there and playing a great deal of soccer after having chosen the best of the lot.

From Mummy
by: To Tiger

Tiger Darling, two months have gone by but I have not forgotten you, neither will I ever forget you, Sweetheart.

I still look out of my bedroom window, down to the back of the house each morning and look for the clump of flowers above where you were laid to rest. I wrote a special prayer for you the day after you passed, covered it in clear plastic so that rain would not be able to wet it, and placed it in between the flowers. The flowers I thought would ease my heartache, but instead they just keep on reminding me of that special Honey Bunny that we had just up to the other day.

I am so sorry that you had to go so soon. It does not seem fair that a pet as sweet and as loving as you should live for so short a time. I live in gratefulness though, that you came to us as a pup and on 2 occasions, we helped save your life from a twisted gut. The vet really told us that you were a miracle pup to have survived on those 2 occasions. You got better and later grew to be a most handsome and loving dog.

We loved playing ball games with you; you were one always ready for a game that would last a very long time. You never seemed to burn out. Do you remember when we took you to the beach once and you spent practically the whole day playing soccer with some guys? They were so thrilled that you were running up and down behind the ball. Afterward, you got a lot of patting and hugs. You made so many people happy that day.

I go to your favourite spots in the house where you used to lay. I talk to you and gently pat you on your head. You're not here with us physically but I imagine that you are. It's my way of dealing with my pain.

Whenever I think of you, my heart aches so badly and the tears gush. There will never ever be another like you, Sweetheart. Even when you could not stand up to get to the gate to bark on your last day with us, you tried so hard and I marveled at how you got to it and did your usual barking. I felt so proud of you.

You have taught me a lot in life. One was: Where there's a will, there's a way. Remember the time I went over next door to a cocktail party and while talking with some people in our neighbour's living room, you magically appeared and had everyone running for their lives? You saw me go out our front gate and enter our neighbour's home and you wanted to come with me.

So you dug a massive hole under the chain link fence and appeared on the scene. Music stopped, screams were heard and shoes were left behind; everyone disappeared and it was you and me marching back home to put you on your chain. Then it was all the barking and howling for me when I went back over. Honey, you did some really crazy things just to be at your Mummy's side. You were my sole protector until the last day.

Forever you will stay in my heart
We can never ever be apart.

Tiger Baby, Mummy loves you and misses you. God bless you for the doggie that you were.

To Melissa
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

Thank you for your kind sentiments, Melissa. Whatever consolement I could offer to any of the pet owners on this website, I am pleased to do so. I, too, am still experiencing a lot of heartache on losing my Tiger.

I came across a "Melissa" on this site. Was it you who lost your pet? If so, I am so very sorry for your pet's passing. We all need lots of hugs to overcome this painful ordeal. But with God's grace, we'll all get there. Peace and Love!

Sorry for your loss
by: Melissa

I've been reading a lot of the memorials on this site and have seen that you have commented on a lot of other people's memorials.
You are a very loving and caring individual and Tiger was very lucky to have you as a mommy. His time here couldn't have been any better. Take care!

To Karen and Family
by: Catherine

Karen, I was so shocked to learn of Tiger's passing. I remember when he came to your house as a pup. He looked so regal when he sat erectly and his ears stood up. Remember how we used to marvel at the size of his puppy paws?

Thinking of you at this time. Beef up!!!

A Prayer for All Pet Owners on this Website
by: Anonymous

We are grateful to You, Oh God, for creating all these beautiful and most loving and faithful pets that have shared so many years with us, for entrusting them to our care and for sustaining them in our love for a measure of time.

We understand (but most of us don't) - all that lives must die. We all knew that this day would come but pushed the thought aside and yet, Oh God, we would have wanted one more day of love and play, one more evening of watching them gulp down their doggie dinner and one more night of loud burps, belly-tickles, stretches and cuddling.

(In Memory of Tiger (bka "Tigzee")

Sorry for Your Loss
by: Leah, Graphit's mom

Thank you Karen. I read your kind words of consolation for the loss of our Graphit. I am especially touched that, in the midst of your own grief, you are reaching out to comfort others in their sadness.

We now have another puppy, but I still miss our Graphit, and I guess I will never stop missing him. I believe that your Tiger will always be guarding you, and that what you have shared will never be taken away from you.

You know what?? I think he must be teaching the angels now how to sing your songs.

by: Karen

Thanks, John and Margaret, for your kind words. Much appreciated!

Thank you
by: Karen

To the Coopers: Thank you so much for your words of comfort over this website and via email. Your kindness in the loss of my mother and now my dog, Tiger, in less than a year apart is greatly appreciated.

From the Coooooooopers

Tiger was part of our lives too. We remember him well. Always part of our visits to his home and family. Lively, handsome and a formidable guard. We know how much he meant to his family.

With love - The Coooooooopers

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