To My Dear Buster

Since you left me, life has never been the same. You left a big gap in my heart. I loved you so much. I have your ashes in the boot of my car and every time I drive, I remember how much you loved to ride in the car.

I know you are still with me in spirit. When it's my turn to go out of this world, you will be buried with me.

Buster, you had such a strong, sweet presence wherever you went, because you were such a beautiful, obedient, loyal, loving dog. Our whole family loved you very much. You touched the lives of everyone that knew you.

You and I spent 8 years together on our own. Thank you, Buster, for being my loyal friend. I couldn't have wished for anything more. We will meet again over rainbow bridge and I know you will come running to me, wagging your tail and barking with excitement as you always did. Till then I will try to be happy without you because that's what you would have wanted.

So long Dear Busterdog. Mummy loved you so much. Always in my heart.

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With Sympathy
by: Martha

I am sorry for your loss. Caring thoughts are with you during this difficult time. God Bless!

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