To My Best Friend Zack

by Mark Detora
(Northboro, MA)

My Best Friend Zack

My Best Friend Zack

To My Best Friend Zack-06/20/2001 to 02/27/2012

Over the past ten wonderful years, you have been my soul mate, my traveling companion, my confidant, my brother, my son and, above all, my best friend. Every day that we spent together was special. I wish those days could have gone on forever.

You were always up for whatever I wanted to do, whether it was travel to the Cape or up north to New Hampshire. You would sit in the passenger seat facing me and ask only for me to scratch your chest as I drove.

It was such a small price to pay for such great company. And when my arm grew tired, you would curl up and sleep the rest of the way, waking bright and cheery at the end of the trip ready for whatever adventure lie ahead.

But you were more than just a traveling companion. You were a presence in almost every facet of my life. You sat at my feet wherever I was. You slept on my bed and, even though you could be a bed-hog at times, you were always gracious when asked to move.

When I spent too much time on the computer, you would lay on my bed, facing me with your beautiful head resting between your two front paws, eyes focused on me, and you would let out a little growl.

When I turned to look at you, you would remain in the same position but wag your tail as an invitation to go and pet you. I was always powerless to resist this request.

Every morning you would follow me upstairs and sit outside the bathroom as I got ready for work. There you would stay until I was in the kitchen and you heard the refrigerator door open. Within seconds I would see your cute face peering around the door looking for your morning treat.

You were never happy to see me leave for work nor was I glad that I had to. You actually looked depressed and concerned even after I would pat you on the head and say that I would see you later.

But, at the end of the day, when you heard my car drive up to the house, you would start barking furiously until I came through the door. It was not a bark of warning but of happiness, welcome and love.

After you got your treats and welcome pats and belly rub, you would always flop at my feet and let out a huge sigh. As if to say "Everything is good in my world now that you're home." Indeed, I felt the exact same way.

But now I look in the kitchen and you're not there. I look in the living room and you're not lying alongside the couch as you often did. I look on my bed and you're not there. I wake during the night and I no longer feel your back pressed up against my leg.

In the morning when I open the fridge, I no longer see your face peering back at me. And when I come home from work there is no welcome bark or satisfied sigh; just a cold, empty house that was once filled with your amazing grace.

And just when I think I can't take the emptiness any longer, I look in my heart and there you are in all of your glory. And there you will stay until I take my final breath and join you over the bridge.

Rest in peace, my little buddy. I will always love and miss you more than I can put into words.

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Together Again
by: Anonymous

It is of great sadness that my friend Mark is now back with his dog....

I am very sure Zak was at the gates of heaven wagging his tail and barking with joy for the arrival of his master and the departure of our friend here on earth.

Both Mark and Zack will be dearly missed.

Miss You, Mark and Zack
by: Anonymous

A very sad day for me, because we both worked in Boston downtown long term. He used to share his dog activities. Also, he loves very much.

Miss you, Mark.

Mark and Zack Are Together Again - 8/17/12
by: Dave

My friend Mark has gone over that bridge to reunite with his dearest and best friend Zack. I am saddened that they are both gone now, in such a short span of time.

Peace be with you both. I'm going to miss you guys. Together again at last, they will be for eternity. God bless them both.

Goodbye, my dear friends. You will never be forgotten. The memories will live on and on. Rest in peace! Separated no more.

Thank You
by: Mark

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. It helps to know that there are those out there who feel the same way about their special friends as I felt about Zack. It really does help the grieving process. Thank you.

Beautiful Tribute to Your Best Friend Zack
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful story about your beautiful soulmate Zack. It bought tears to my eyes. I have a dog who has bone cancer and not much longer to live. He is almost 13.

Like Zack, he has been by my side every day, and I don't want to say goodbye.

We will meet out mates again one day. Thanks for writing such a lovely story.

Great Tribute
by: Wayne

Wonderful tribute to Zack. Sounds as if he was a great dog and an outstanding friend. Dogs are so special and their time with us should be longer. I'm sorry for your loss.

In Your Heart
by: Lil mans moma

That was beautiful. I know Zack loves you and will remain in your heart always. I was scrolling through messages and found yours. I seldom read these because they make me miss my lil man more. Sorry for your loss.

by: Ed

Only someone who has loved, and been loved by, a dog could write such a beautiful tribute to their dearest friend.

Rest in peace, Zack.

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