To My Best Boy Boxer

by Chris Nieto Pratt


You will never know what a joy it was to raise you from a puppy along with your soul mate Hannah for the 9 years of awesome times and laughter you gave me and your Granna.

We all miss you so much and it has not even been a week since you passed away on my lap. I just want to let you know how your being in my life has taught me the better qualities about myself.

You brought so much happiness into my life, and strangely you as a puppy helping me deal with the death of my Grandma, has helped me accept your death...(even though I swear I saw you out of the corner of my eye the other day).

You are ONE special dog and will be missed forever. You will always be with me with your ashes and shrine. Thanks Buddy for waiting for me to return to the hospital with your bed, favorite shoe and toys before taking your last breath... It was your time and I should not have let them perform CPR on you but that's how much you mean to me... We will ALL see each other on the 'Flip Side' again someday.

May God rest your precious soul, Hunter. You were one special Friend.

Love Dad and Hannah

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Sorry for your loss
by: Janine

Sorry for your loss. My Lucky passed away 2 weeks ago. I had him for 15 years. I'm still confused and hurt. I miss him so much! I don't have kids so he was my baby. I treated him like a son.

I know what you're going through. :( I'll keep you and Hunter in my prayers. Stay strong. God Bless.

Love to you and Hunter
by: Carla Marie Rupp

My sympathy and love to you. Your posting touched my heart. My Lucky (Lucky and Our Love) is in my heart always, too. You wrote a beautiful tribute and I am glad to read it. Thank you for writing it for your "best boy boxer." How special our loved ones are to us! - Carla

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