Tiny our tie tie girl

by Amanda
(Owenton KY)

Oh tiny baby girl, you have only been gone a few hours but already the house seeems so empty.

Our brother got you for mom. She said she would never have another dog after she lost Bubba, but she fell in love with you and so did Trey and I after we had Yae Yae. You loved him so much and he loved you so much.

I just can't believe you're gone. For some reason, I expected you to live forever. I knew you didn't feel good last night, but I naively let myself think on the way back from the vet that you would be ok even, if you wouldn't eat the hamburger I got for you. I wanted you to eat it so bad. I wanted to know you would be ok. After all, the vet said it was just a bowel infection.

I am so mad. Why didn't I tell him to do blood tests, do an x-ray, do more. I wanted to take you back to the vet when I could tell you still weren't any better but mom said, "No, let her be."

Tie Tie, we miss you so much. I know you were mom's and not mine but you still were mine when you came to stay with Trey and me. He would take you for long walks. We got you a head lead because you pulled him all over. We loved having you stay with us when mom and pop were in the middle of moving.

We love you so much. I think annoying misteek even missies you and I cant help but think of how you would play with Spike but not the other puppies. Tiny, we miss you and love you so much. Nine years was not nearly enough.

Tiny was my mom and stepdad's bull mastiff pit cross. She was sweet, loving, caring and always gentle. Her favorite things to do were to groom the cats we had and get them all full of slobber. She always would let my 7 year old, 3 year old, or 1 year old climb all over her and not say a word. When we took her to the vet today she even wagged her tail at the doctor putting a thermometer in her butt and at the doctor that did the rectal exam.

Even though she was so sick and passed away, she was nine years young and had no health problems and we miss her more then words can ever describe.

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Re: Tiny
by: Karen Escalona

My dog died last night. It's weird and sad coming home and him not greeting me. I wish to you and your family as I wish to mine and myself. That the pain will diminish and the days get easier without our pets.

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