Timber to Timothy - A Wolfdog's Transition

by Jackie

Timothy resting on his favorite cushion

Timothy resting on his favorite cushion

Timothy came to me at 7 years old. He had been tied out to an abandoned house for 4 years. Friends would take food and water to him but knew he needed a real home.

They knew I had owned another wolfdog that was not friendly when I got him and that I had worked lovingly with him and he was an awesome companion and they hoped I could do the same with Timber.

They were right. The very first thing I did was rename him Timothy. The rules of the day were:

1. NO hitting
2. NO yelling
3. NO dragging him around.

Punishment like people do to regular dogs is not an option. Non-verbal communication is the way I change them.

Then Timmy and I spent every day together -- 24/7. He became my shadow and when people asked if he was friendly, all I would say is "If I'm happy, he's happy. If I'm not happy, - - - -."

Timmy loved people and was the center of attention everywhere he went. People were in awe of his loving personality! To pet Timmie and play with him was almost spiritual!

We had many years together. I worried about no one or anything.

All good things come to an end. Timmie grew very old and his system was shutting down. Last Monday I had to make that horrible decision so he wouldn't suffer anymore.

He has passed on now and there is a huge hollow place in my heart. He was 15 years old.

The house is so quiet. My other dogs, Skittles and Lucky, are so quiet. Life just isn't the same.

May he rest in peace. The vet said it takes a special person to live with a wolfdog like Timmie. The joy was mine.

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Timmy the Wolfdog
by: Biggs

Beautifully written, it is as if I have met Timmy! So sorry for your loss. 15 years is so wonderful. Timmy is with my Nacho. I firmly believe one day we will be united again.

Thinking of you.


by: Ed

I'm so sorry for your loss, my friend.

Years ago I too inherited a wolf hybrid and like your Tim, she was older also.

I called her "Wolf" and like you, I too had to spend a great deal of time showing her she was loved, safe, and that it was OK for her to trust again.

She was an amazing animal as I'm sure your Tim was too. Smart, brave, intuitive, and fiercly loyal.

Wolf and I had many years before she became old and I had to make the same choice you did. My heart broke again that day but I knew that her spirit was free and that she had lived a good life.

Again, I'm sorry about your loss. Surely God has a special place for these wonderful beings.

Ed in Colorado

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