Tiffany Denise Burton

by Sheryle
(Helotes, TX, USA)

Where do I begin? Almost 15 years ago, December 13th 1996, my little yorkie was born.

How can I put in words how much I loved her and miss her so much that my whole body hurts. She was such a joy as a puppy; she loved playing so much, and from a little puppy and as years went on she loved her 'toys'.

First as a puppy so very small, she would carry a ball in her mouth, that ball almost as big as her head; so cute and funny to watch. She loved to play with that ball. I'd throw it and she would go get it; I could play with her for hours. That was one of her first toys.

She loved squeaky toys too; she would look as soon as you made the toy squeak and run to you or wherever the toy was and play was exactly what she wanted to do. She had such a joy to her, playing until almost the end of her time on this earth.

When she was about 8 weeks old or so, maybe a little older, I took her to doggie school and she would put her paws on the wheels and drive the car, or so she thought. She LOVED, LOVED going to school and it seemed as if she knew the day each week we would go to school and play with the other dogs and learn 'new' tricks.

She was a social dog although in doggie school she almost got in a fight with a Rottweiler about 50 pounds over her weight; she thought she could take that Rottweiler on. She only weighed about 5 pounds or so. It was hilarious see her growl at that Rottweiler, pulling the leash. Of course, I corrected her, she not knowing her 'real' size.

She was a loving dog and loved people. As I mentioned earlier she loved toys. At Christmas one year we wrapped up her toys and pushed into the toy to make a squeaky sound. She tore into the wrapping paper and boy did she ever want that toy badly. She eventually opened up her gift.

She loved us until the very end; so much love in that little Yorkie. I know she was getting older as I saw the gray eyelashes around her eyes, and then she was not hearing and seeing as well but I so wanted to keep her with me as long as I could because of how much I loved her. I actually gave her my middle name. It sounds funny, but I wanted to make her my little girl.

So you see, she was special from the beginning. She always seemed to have her tongue just a little out of her mouth as if she was poking her tongue at you on purpose. She was a beautiful dog and had three sets of puppies. She was an excellent mother despite two times having difficulties giving birth.

Tiffany was my companion, she was my girl. I saw in her such life and happiness. She was content with laying next to me or playing with me. I am trying my best to go on with life but for some reason it's so hard; I want her next to me in bed, I want to take her outside and play with her, I want to kiss her and tell her how much I love her and forever and always will. I want her back but I know that's impossible.

I ache because I was not with her when she had to be put to sleep; I wanted to be with her, petting her and whispering in her ear how much I will always love her. Life goes on but for me that day should have stopped.

I pray she is in Heaven and playing and running, catching that ball. I know I must say good-bye but I don't want to because that would mean it's final.

It's final. My baby girl is gone and will never be in my arms again. I want to kiss her one more time and tell her how much I loved her -- she meant so very much to me -- but the time has passed. You see, we were gone when she died; on a trip. So I didn't have that time to be with her and hold her and kiss her one more time, to let her know that I loved her.

Our neighbor had to take her to our Vet and have her put to sleep, one of the most difficult decisions we had to make. I wanted to keep her alive until we got back but she was in too much pain, as selfish as I wanted to be. I knew it would be horrible for her to suffer any longer, so the decision was made; one I never thought we would have to make. Well, not at there, but thousands of miles away.

Did she know we were not with her, did she feel all by herself? I pray that she didn't feel that way. I can't seem to want to go on but I know I must.

I will miss you, my sweet precious Tiffany. You were and always will be dear to me. I will never, ever, ever forget you. Thanks for giving us close to 15 years of joy and unconditional love. We will treasure all the memories and pray that you are happy and healthy in Heaven with your other family members.

Tiffany - RIP, December 13, 1986 to October 4th, 2011!

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Memories of Tiffany
by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear about loss of your beloved pet. I also lost my Carley back in May. I still cry almost every day.

Pets are a member of our families and don't let anyone tell you not to be sad. They gave us the best gift life has to offer, unconditional love. It is hard when that decision has to be made, but it is the last act of love we can give them.

Someday we will look back and laugh at some of the silly things they did. In our hearts we know we will meet them again at Heaven's gate. Take care.

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