This Is for Molly, My German Shepherd. I Wanted To Tell You This

by Victoria Chisholm

I'll carry you in my heart

I'll carry you in my heart

Mollers, Molly Bolly, Big BOZ, molls.

You broke my heart once in 9 years, and that was the day you died. I love you so much. You helped me cope wth everything. I'll never forget your eyes, or the freckle on your tongue. I'll never forget how you jumped, or barked. I'll never forget your loving ways.

I grew up wth you, you went through so much with me. You taught me how to love. You were the most loyal dog in the world. Two thngs I will carry with me every day.

1) the song I rehearsed to you before you died, and

2) the 6 minutes we went through before and after you died. It was such a hard decision. Your quality of life was lowered. Your brain and upper body functioned, but you were paralyzed, and it was selfish of us to keep you alive as a big german shepherd.

I will love you forever. You will always be my dog, and no other dog will EVER compare to you. Every night when you aren't at my feet I go back to the exact moment you left. I feel lke I'm there. You trying to run away from the stranger with the needle, but you end up draggng your lower half behind you. Once a nurse finally holds you, she tells me to stay close so you could smell me, so you can see I'm there and with you. You lick my hand. You whine, and give me your paw, trying to make them stop. Thnkng I would make them go away. Thinking if you did something nice that it would make everything better and I would keep them away from you. I remember her telling me that you were starting to go because your muscles were beginning to relax.

Finally the liquid in the needle was gone, the nurse let go, and your body lay limp on the ground. Pee poured out of you, because of all the days you lie on your bed holding it in because of your pride and wanting to make us happy, when in all actuality we wanted you to pee in the house.

Your eyes were still open. I would try to shut your eyelids but they just wouldn't close. I waited for you to blink or get up, or resist when I held you but it didn't work. I started to leave the room but I couldn't. Your mouth lay open, your paws in an uncomfortable position, laying in your pee, with your eyes open.

The cross we put around you, whch we expected to heal you, I left on.

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My Big Boy Stanley
by: Carolyn

I have just been reading all these posts with tears in my eyes, but they have also been comforting.

I lost my long haired big boy Stanley on 28th August, nearly 2 weeks ago. He was a bit out of sorts the night before, quiet and reserved, but had eaten, walked in the day, been very happy.

In the morning I came into the living room to find he had died, peacefully. He was nearly 10 years old.

I torture myself with feelings of guilt. But, more importantly, I want to pay tribute to our beautiful, dignified, intelligent and most loving boy.

We miss and love you so much, forever.

Thank you everyone for your tributes.

by: Eileen

I miss my best friend. Born 3.11.08. Died 8.19.20. DM with battle for 2 years.

I know I did the right thing. Some days I don't.

My ❤ hurts.

Left Me Devastated
by: Brian

My Mitch died at 8 years old.He helped me through the 8 years I had him. He followed me everywhere, the best friend I had.

It's a cruel world. I don't understand how people can be cruel to these dogs from God.

My Buffy
by: Anonymous

I lost my Buffy at 11 years and 11 months through kidney disease on July 5, 2019. She lived eight months after being diagnosed.

The vet prescribed kidney care dog food to slow down the disease since there is no cure. She really strived with that food. She even stopped leaking, and got so strong.

Then the day came when she stopped eating the food. She went down from there. She would not eat anything unless I put it in her mouth. She got so feeble, and her mind came and went. She was pulling for her breath.

It broke my husband's and my hearts to lose her and have to put her to sleep, but we certainly did not want her to suffer.

I'll love her forever.

Our Boy Benny
by: Peter & Sandra & Family

Our beloved and beautiful boy Benny passed away today. He blessed our lives with his love and devotion. He saw three daughters grow to be wonderful ladies and he saw two grandchildren born. He loved and protected all.

His nature was extraordinary, loving, understanding and always gentle. A ladies' boy who paid special attention to the girls and flirted just a little, he enriched every moment we spent together.

He died in my arms while I whispered to him the stories of his life and how we loved him. I thanked him with all my heart for what he had meant to us all, and cried while he took his last breath.

Rest in peace, our beautiful Benny. We love you always.

Our Sweet Boy
by: The Hood family

We lost our precious boy 2 days ago and our hearts are shattered. He grew up with our babies and was always so protective of them. He was so smart and just so handsome. He loved his humans so much and would always let us know he would protect us.

One day he couldn’t go to the bathroom. He would strain to go and nothing would happen. He was still drinking, eating, and urinating but then he stopped eating too. The vet found a mass in our sweet boy's colon that was blocking his waste from coming out. His lungs were full too.

We had to make the decision to prevent further suffering. I can’t wrap my mind around it. I can’t believe we had to let him go so quickly. He was so loved.

It makes me feel comfort to hear of others who have been through this. He was our first fur baby as a family. I hope one day I can love another dog the way I loved him.

GSDs Are the Best Dogs
by: Justin Watts

I lost my "Arrow" GSD to renal failure. She was 5 years old and the best companion a family can have.... It hurts so much. We all cried together as a family after losing our pup.

It feels comforting to read the same thoughts and stories about what others have experienced. That’s the special thing about GSDs. Their intelligence and loyalty make them so special. Losing them is losing a member of your family.

Celebrate the times you had with them. I know that’s what I have to do too.

The life your pup had was because of your love... and that’s a special bond that is an everlasting spirit!

by: Gary

I lost Hunter November 10, 2017 at 10 years old. He was "fine" the day before... It was like yesterday and I am still unable to deal with it as it seems my own life went with him.

Your post brought tears to my eyes. We can only hope that they are still with us, if not in body. If that is the case, I truly hope that Molly and Hunter are sharing their own moments now with all others who have gone before them.

My Beautiful Missy
by: Christine

I'm so glad I found this site. We had to get our beautiful German shepherd Missy put to sleep 2 days ago and our hearts are so sore.

She was 8 years old and couldn't use her back legs either. She was in so much pain. I know it was the best thing to do for her but that doesn't help the big hole left in our hearts.

She had the most beautiful eyes, and a beautiful soul to match. It's good to know there are people who know exactly how we feel.

Run free, Missy, my big bear! I hope you can forgive us, and I hope you are no longer in pain.

Watch over us please.

Your heartbroken family. xoxo

This Is in Honour of Our Darling Sweet Cloud
by: Lorna Loughridge

We lost our beautiful, sweet, loyal, darling girl Cloud at only ten years old. She was playing with her best buddy when she fell down from a heart attack or blood clot.

It is true what they say about this breed of dog. They are so special and so smart. She was a part of everything we did in our lives, and shared all family outings and occasions with her buddy Aspen.

Aspen barked when it happened, and tried to call her back up. We ran out and brought her in and tried to revive her but she was already dying.

Our hearts are broken. We will mourn our sweet, gentle girl. Cloud, you were the ray of sunshine in our lives.

by: Gary

I lost my 10 year old German Shepherd, Hunter, abruptly on November 10, 2017. He was "healthy" the day before; we played in the yard as usual and everything appeared normal.

The following day he couldn't walk. The vet said that he had tumors on the heart and spleen, he was bleeding internally and that he wouldn't live through the day.

I was told that I had to make the decision. It took me three hours of tears and despair. It was the most difficult decision I've ever made. I've been an inconsolable wreck ever since. At 52 years old one would think that I would know better...

The next night something ethereal and surreal happened. I can't explain it but it seems to have been Hunter.

Have faith that they are souls as we are....

Goodbye Chaparro
by: Hector

Yesterday, December 22, 2017, I had to put my 4 year old GSD down. He dislocated his femur after jumping 7 feet up in the air trying to catch a tennis ball I threw. I will never forget his cries of pain and the way his hind leg looked. The surgery was $1,900 USD and I could not afford it. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

I will always love you, good boy. Nothing will ever take your place.

Abilene Texas - Our Love for Her Was as Big as Texas
by: The Gilshenans

We just lost our baby today, and I can’t sleep or eat. I can’t stop crying and walking around a quiet house. She was over 100 pounds and 7 1/2 years old, so it was like another person we would hear moving around in the house.

I look and see the dog hair and I just cry because I would constantly swifter it up and brush her, which would seem endless.

She passed away in my husband’s arms just instantly while I was at work. He called twice but I was teaching. He texted me to call him as soon as I had a chance. I forgot because I was finishing up teaching and at the end of my day he called again to tell me so I wouldn’t come home to her like that.

We had to tell the children, and they are so sad. Abilene was our first baby when my husband and I kept having miscarriages. She knew when I was pregnant before I knew I was pregnant. She was so tender and loving and would lay her head on my belly, which was strange because she was more my husband’s baby than mine.

I was just selfish and wanted a baby but a puppy would do. I grew to truly love that huge loveable baby. My chest hurts from weeping. I just want this pain to stop.

We adopted Abilene from an oops litter in Arizona. We missed Texas so Abilene became her name. She was what I relied on when my husband worked overnight. She protected us.

She was the perfect dog. Never barked unless there was something strange to her. She let the kids ride her and beat her up when they were babies, and she never once hurt them.

I need my protector. I need my Abilene. When will this feel better so I have something to look forward to again?

I believe it was her heart, as I have read nearly everything I could online.

I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss and thank you for sharing. It has brought me so much comfort that the way I feel is normal, it's expected and that I will forever miss her and it's okay.

God is close to the broken-hearted and those who mourn. It's been a day for sure. I'm so honored to have been able to call her my baby and to be her mum.

My Molly
by: Dave

I read your tribute some time ago and was moved to comment. And now the time has arrived to say goodbye to my wonderful GSD, Molly. She was my best friend and constant companion.

Watching her spin down with DM has been heartbreaking. The last five days the disease accelerated and left her paralyzed. Our vet came to our house. Molly was calm and at peace, and I believe she knew it was time. I held her in my arms and told her how I loved her as she slipped away.

I will miss those good morning kisses I was getting for years.

Molly's entire family is hurting this night of 3/22/17. She will be so missed. My heart is broken.

My Happy Girl
by: Hugh

My girl passed away in my arms at 12 and a half. She came to me to die in my arms. She knew it was time and wanted to share her love one last time.

It speaks so much of the breed in so many messages about our shepherds. As the name says, they are shepherds in our lives. I've had dogs most of my life and my shepherd girl Kinta (means laughter) helped me through so much.

The others were great and special, but no dog touched me as much as she did. I think I have time left in my life for one last adventure, so it will be a GSD, and it will be an honour to share my last years with one.

I Feel Your Pain
by: John N

I lost Dakota at 8 1/2 years old. She kept me in her line of sight at all times when I was home. She has been by my side since November 2008.

She was diagnosed with CHD 10 days before she died. She was always so healthy. She died with her head in my lap.

Damn, I miss her.

Lost My German Shepherd, Zuze
by: Anonymous

I lost my German Shepherd on 22/12/2016. Zuze was only 5 years old. She had no appetite her last days and she mostly slept all the time. She had difficulty breathing.

The vet said that she had a cancer in almost all organs. I was shocked. It all happened so suddenly.

I cannot believe that my friend has gone. It is so sad. Life is unfair.

I love you, my German Shepherd. You will be always in my heart. I will never forget you. <3

Our Beautiful German Shepherd Riley - My Baby Bear
by: Herbs

01/12/16 - We lost Riley two days ago, aged 9, and it's so unbearable. He'd had a wonderful day playing in the park with our daughter but at 6pm started to become ill.

We got him to the vet within the hour but he died five minutes after getting there. He had a twisted gut.

It was so fast from a happy healthy dog to this. Such a shock.

He was so loving. I can't bear it without him. He was huge and beautiful and always right by one of us.

We all love him so much. He gave us so much love and joy. It seems such a grown-up thing to do, to die, and he was such a baby at heart.

You will always be with us in our hearts, Riley. You are so special.

For King
by: Anonymous

My dearest, darling King, I was so very honoured to know you and to love you. I lost you 12 years ago and you were just 5 years old.

I miss you still. You were my best friend. The great love of my life, and I am lost without you. You were 54 kgs of stunning beauty. People called out to you, always stunned by your your magnificence.

For me it was your beautiful soul, the intensity of your love, the way you slipped your great golden paw in my hand when I cried. My friend, my greatest love, my dear one, it was truly a privilege. I will love you always.

I Lost My Best Friend
by: Mark

Harley (my dog) died on July 28th, 2016. He just turned 10 in early July. We noticed that he had started to slow down in the last 6 months, but I thought it was due to his age and it was normal. Nothing could have prepared us for his final moment.

Every morning my wife would walk him and then he would have his breakfast. Then he would come up to say good morning to me. As he was walking into our room, he collapsed. I thought that he had slipped and was panicking. I rushed to him and tried to calm him down but he kept kicking his back leg. Then he just died.

My wife rushed over and attempted chest compressions. He kicked a few times but that was it. She kept screaming for him to come back and I had to tell her to stop. Harley must have had a heart attack.

I miss him so much. He was a big part of my life. I never walked by him without patting him and telling him that he was the best-looking dog in the world.

It has only been a week but the hurt isn't subsiding. I can't make sense out of this. He was so strong and seemed so healthy. I thought that he would live to at least 12.

Our home is so empty without him. If God would grant me one wish, it would be to see him again. It seems so unfair that God's gift to man has such a short life span.

Felt Your Loss Like Mine
by: Eileen

I read your sad memorial. I felt it in my heart and cried, as it happened to me.

I have 2 GSDs and love them so much that I think I will need help when they are gone. I am too sentimental.

I pray you suffer no more from your loss, and remember the good times you had with him.

My Heart Is Bleeding
by: Young

I lost my girl Thori on 06/01/16. It has been a month and I can't stop crying.

I've had her for 12 years. She was the most beautiful german shepherd.

My Ricey
by: Liz

I had to say goodbye to my beautiful german shepherd Ricey on June 3rd, 2016. He had trouble walking in the months previously, and then his hind end gave out, he was in pain, and he lost his appetite. He was just laying down and struggling.

I rang the vet and he came to my house. He said Ricey wouldn't get better, so I decided to let him go. I didn't want to see him suffering.

I held him while the vet put him to sleep, and told him I loved him and he will always have a special place in my heart.

He was my best friend and loyal protector for 10.5 years. I will never forget him. I will miss him always. Until we meet again, my loyal friend.

Bingo, My First GSD
by: Nitiraj

Bingo passed away on 11 June 2016 @ 11:05 am. It was one of the most painful moments i have ever witnessed. Vet said he was suffering from gastritis. But I believe it was something about his lungs because he was suffocating.

He died in front of us by grasping the last few breaths of oxygen.

Life will never be the same without you. I love you and I miss you so much.

My Milo
by: Amy

My Milo was a happy little chap, a bad ass if you please, until the day my mum said he was gone.

I am still crying. I hope for a day when he'll come back. I loved him dearly

Until we meet again, my kick-ass friend.


My Baby Buster
by: Maria P.

I lost my beloved german shepherd on 02/21/16.

Baby, you broke my heart when you left me. I must be strong for both of us.

You will always be in my heart. Some day we will be together again.

I love you so much, baby.

Arnie's Life
by: Anonymous

Arnie died a week ago today -19/02/16. He was nearly 7. He was such a special softie !! One minute walking, running with his ball. Running around with his pal Kizzy.

Arnie, God Bless you. You will be so missed. Till we meet again. Peacefully sleep. Lots of love and fuss.

Mum & Dad, Kiz Xx 😘🐾🐾

My Max
by: Hannah

I had a german shepherd named Max. I love him with all my heart. He saved my life 5 times but I will never forget the day his paw fell onto my hand.

His heart stopped. My heart sank and I still cry even though it has been 7 years. He is always in my heart. It sounds strange but whenever I see an apple I think of him because I used to walk him on a field and in the back of it was an apple tree. We used to go pick them.

I'm crying at this moment. I will never forget my baby Max.

My Molly
by: Dave

I cried when I read your post because I too have a beautiful GSD and her name is Molly. The depth of love I have with her can only be realized when you have a companion like her.

The thing is, I know I will have to face this situation down the road with my Molly. Your letter was touching and will probably help me deal when the time comes.

Thank you and God bless you.

Sarek of Shepherds Run
by: Rick Bajackson

Well, it's been three years since we lost you.

Love has no measure and it has no end.

You are greatly missed.

Going Through This
by: Dave

My GSD George was given to me as he was abused and left to die without food or water. I gave him a great life and he has brought so much love and protection to ours.

Now I'm deciding on the day to end his life. He is not in gross pain but nonetheless he is having his bad days. He's a good boy, a smart caring part of our family. I'm so happy we were able to meet. I helped him and he helped me. Having MS, he kept me going and in his last days he is still keeping me going.

Thank you boy, George lol. We are going to miss you.

Your Family, Dave, Sean and Monika

The Pain Is Crazy
by: Roger

Hi Victoria,

I live on the other side of the country in California but it sounds like we have the same feelings about our GS's.

My Duke is also a black face and won't make his 9th birthday in July. He is going through renal failure and is now starting to hide in the bushes.

He is my second German Shepherd. Both of them came from a breeder in North Dakota. My first, Hawk, lived for 12 awesome years. 120 lbs and a bad ass.

My second, Duke, 120 lbs and I have never heard him growl. While very different, they were so smart. I swear Duke understands English or whatever I speak now at 63.

I lost it while reading about your trip to the Vet. I try to be strong around Duke, but he is the strong one. I have been balling twice while sitting with him and twice he picked up his paw and put it on my hand to tell me "it's OK."

Only those of us lucky enough to have these wonderful dogs would know what I mean. I don't know how I came across your story, but like I said, I was crying while reading. I don't know when you wrote about Molly but I know she will live with you forever as will my two guys. All the best, Victoria.

Roger Swahn
Granite Bay CA

by: Rickey Green

I have a 2 year old Shepherd named Bruce and I understand the love you have for Molly. Bruce has become my best friend. I was battling severe depression when he was born. Two years later I can say he helped me recover and live happier each day.

His eyes, bark, and general behavior are all memorized like you have of Molly. I am sorry you had to go through that. It was brave of you to let Molly be at peace and no longer suffering. I can't imagine the day I will have to say goodbye.

Your story reminds me to love Bruce more and more each day. Thank you for the story. Be happy you had the opportunity to have Molly for a good 9 years. That's a blessing right there.

Lost My Jinx Today!
by: Kanika

This is for Jinx, the most handsome, cutest German shepherd ever! Your brother, sister, Mum, Papa, everyone is missing you a lot. Life of our family, I can't express in words how much you are missed by us.

We lost our little baby today at 11:45. We shared 8 lovely years of companionship with him. We tried everything we could to save his life. But we failed! He couldn't survive. Infection had spread all over his eye and ear.

Until we meet again. You are resting in peace and you are suffering no more, baby! Your pains are over!

Duggal's will always remember you!

My Little Rocco Locco
by: Doha

I could not believe he died and I still think of him as much. My little German Shepherd Rocco went through a very hard experience with parvo virus. It was devastating. From the day we got him, he was sick.

I refused to give him back and was determined to cure him. About 2 months later our Rocco was getting better. He started to play and eat well but was still a little weak. But him surviving the disease was a miracle, and was a big experience.

We had to travel for 3 months and left him with a friend. However, Rocco had to move from one house to another because they didn't take good care of him. One day,he died suddenly! Blood came out of his mouth and that was it!!They ran with him to the vet clinic, but it was no use. They said it was a parvo complication.

I can not believe we were not there for him. If I knew it would happen I would have never left! I will feel guilty for the rest of my life! The only thing that makes me a little happy is that we did the best we could for him when we were there.

I always think of him since then and he is never off my mind, even after I adopted another puppy. He is never off my mind and never will be.

Rocco, I miss you very much. My only wish is to see you again.

My Sheba Dog
by: Lisa H

My Sheba was 14 1/2 yrs old when she died. I had her for 6 of those years.

She was the best dog! So smart.

I miss her every day!

by: Debbie

Friday November 28, 2014, I had to put my beloved, loyal German Shepherd Hondo to sleep.

He started having trouble walking about a year ago and in the last week could not get up at all. He was still eating well but throwing up.

He spent Thanksgiving with us and the family and everyone said their goodbyes. The family stayed with him until the end.

RIP Hondo. You were truly a blessing and will be remembered forever.

Love Never Dies
by: Jimmy

It's been over 3 months now since my German Shepherd died. I miss him so much. He was my only child. I often think of getting another one, but I'm scared of more heartache when it does die.

No better companion was my "RC." Time will heal, they say.

I love and miss you, bud. Dad is always here for you.

Loss of a Beloved Pet
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my Shar Pei Bella last month and miss her very much. I have the support of my German Shepherd Troy to get me through, but I still think about her every day. It was sudden, and a shock to lose such a young loving pet.

I have to let you know, although you will never forget the love you had for Molly and the love she had for you, another dog will one day enter your life. He/she will never replace Molly, but you will find that love again. I have been through it many times in my 50 years.

The Greatest Gift ~ A GSD (Polo)
by: Jennifer

I am so sorry for your loss of Molly.

I lost my best friend and loyal companion, Polo, on Wednesday, October 23, 2014. He turned 9 years old on July fifth.

His hind end gave out and he was in so much pain it made the decision very clear to relieve him of his suffering. It all happened so fast though. The hole in my heart is beyond words.

Polo was my partner, my Polo son. I laid with him on the kitchen floor as he took his last breath and his soul left his body. I still feel him. The vet said possibly tomorrow I may get his ashes back to keep with me. Perhaps that may bring some comfort.

During the 9 years I was blessed to have Polo in my life, he brought me so much joy and comfort. He taught me what unconditional love looks like.

His sweet, courageous eyes, his little face (as I used to say, because even as an adult dog, I still saw his face as a puppy each time I looked at him).

The adventures, the squirrels, the rabbits (I used to tell him that I had him since he was the size of a rabbit!).

Oh how he loved his bed! And he loved children and was just a complete Guardian Angel for me.

I am empty, and shocked he is gone. His spirit lives on in my memories and my heart. I keep thinking I hear him walking behind me.

I cannot even believe it. I love, love, love you up to the sky and back again, buddy--so dignified and proud and regal! You made my life a joy by having you in it, Polo. I am blessed and grateful to have shared the craziest and roller coaster years. Through it all, you were by my side. I don't even know what else to say.

Rest in Peace, Polo. I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Your Mom and best friend

by: Rick

The days, weeks, and months have passed and the house has two new GSDs: Berin (with quirks) and Wiley (a white GSD also with quirks).

I walk Berin each day, but he's nowhere near anything like Sarek. And Wiley doesn't like me, so whenever he gets a whiff of me, he barks his head off.

I can't believe that it's been two years since I lost Sarek. They say that time flies, but I feel Sarek's loss each and every day. Sure, having Berin and Wiley in the house eases the pain, but the pain still persists.

Billy, Sorry for Your Loss
by: Kim

I know how you feel. I lost my 2 Shepherds in March this year. I had to have both put to sleep at the same time. It broke my heart. They were both 12.

It does get a bit easier with time. I think of them every day. I hated being on my own so I have just invested in another Shepherd. He's 4 months old. He won't replace my Ben and Soots, but he is helping the heartbreak.

I hope you get another friend to help fill your heartache as well.

Kim from Essex

It Is the Toughest Thing Ever!!!!
by: Rebecca

So sorry about Molly and the others mentioned in comments here.

We lost our boy Rocko on Monday. He fell while playing frisbee. He quickly started to limp and I could tell that he was unsteady on his hind legs. The unsteadiness progressed as the day went on.

A trip to the emergency vet verified that he had ruptured a disc. We were fortunate to get his regular vet on the phone and between both vets we were able to understand that at his age, surgery wasn't a good option.

I wasn't ready for his time to come. His whole life I did everything in my power to keep him strong and healthy. I thought we would have him at least another year.

As the days have passed I've felt like it was my fault for playing frisbee with him. I've come to realize that it's highly likely that it was just a matter of time before that disc ruptured, and that we are lucky it didn't happen before it did.

He was my whole world. I'm glad that I was able to love him for 10.5 years. I'm also glad that even on his last day, he was still able to run and play frisbee, something he absolutely loved.

I'm still talking to him as if he is still here. This is the most incredible pain ever.

I Lost My German Shepherd
by: Jimmy

I lost my beloved German Shepherd of 12 years recently. I am crushed.

Will my pain heal? Being a single guy with no kids, my dog was my world.

I'm trying to decide if I should get another. Nothing will replace my best friend and companion.

I am crushed.

We Lost Our Rocky Today
by: Neeraj

We just lost our 7 year old Rocky (German shepherd male) a few hours ago. He was a very intelligent pet.

For the last three days he was not able to stand up, and he did not eat anything. He could only drink water.

We took him to the vet, who diagnosed him and applied a few injections to him and said his rear legs were paralyzed. We got him back home.

Suddenly, he vomited blood and he took his last breath. It is shocking for all of us.

We miss you, Rocky.

RIP Rocky....

My Beautiful Dog Tahoe
by: Troy Mangels

My beautiful German Shepherd Tahoe had to be laid to rest August 1, 2014, due to degenerative spinal disease, which paralyzes his hind end.

My life revolved around my dog. For 14 years he was always with me, camping, running errands, working in yard, hiking Gooseberry Falls, or just laying around.

A big part of me died yesterday, which will never be replaced. He was so loving and caring. The hardest thing is waking up and not seeing him on his bed.

These last 14 years with him have been the best years of my life.

I love you so much, Tahoe. You will forever hold a special place in my broken heart.

Please God, take care of my boy. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to love and cherish him for the last 14 years.

Rest in peace, Tahoe. Dad loves you.

My Duke
by: Janet

We just lost my 10 year old German Shepherd, Duke. I cry just thinking about him. I have so many great memories. He was the best dog. I loved him so much.

He only showed his sickness for a few days, but the final confirmed label was liver cancer. Untreatable, and advanced. I did the only thing I could.

I laid on the floor with him and stroked his face and chest. He was quickly put to sleep. My Duke was not allowed to suffer.

I can't believe he is gone. But, I look at his sister, and see him. As litter mates, they look exactly alike. She needs me. We will get through this together, but it is so hard. We just were not prepared to lose him. So suddenly. He was too young.

Hug your dogs every day. Tell them that you love them. Life can be so short.

A Sad Story
by: GK

That's a sad story. But I know the feeling. I went through the same thing with my dog.

On the upside, there are millions of dogs in the country, and the world, that are stray and abandoned. Molly was lucky to have such a caring owner and a good life.

Dakota Shadow Bear
by: Holly

On March 16, 2014, I lost my beautiful Dakota, or Kota Bear, and I am still trying to understand why. She was healthy, beautiful, my everything. She was 7, and a pure black German Shepherd. She reminded me of a big, fluffy black bear.

She was outside playing one day, and then the next day I noticed she was having trouble getting up. I had to help her outside to go the bathroom, holding her back end up. Thank night, she cried out and I found her laying on her side, unable to do anything but lift her head. I was devastated.

I rushed her to the Animal Hospital, and the vet told me, she looked like she had had a seizure. I was in shock. He told me she would never get well, so I made the hardest decision of my life. I let her go. I was able to hold her head, and she looked me in the eyes as if to say "thank you, mom" and I watched her join the angels.

It has been a week since she passed, and I still don't understand how this happened. It was so fast and unexpected. I have a 1 year old white German Shepherd, and he knows she is gone. He nudges me, and puts his head in my lap. I love him, but it's just not the same.

I feel guilty because I don't love him as much as her. I still look in her spot where she ate and slept. And I miss seeing her sleeping upside down with her feet in the air.

I try to have solace in the fact she is no longer hurting and that God must have wanted a beautiful Shepherd to play with.

Our Beloved Jasper
by: Darren

I came across this site 8 weeks ago, when I was trying to find solace as we had just lost our always loved German Shepherd Jasper. Jasper was the apple of our eye and such a character, beautiful inside as well as out, and our best friend. My heart pumps faster writing this.

He was 10 in December and was fit and healthy. He was a big boy, very powerful but a gentle giant. Then one day we noticed his scrotum was swollen so we took him to the vets. They had it removed and phoned to say he was fine and to come pick him up.

The vets then told us he had bled some more between when we called and collection and they felt it was a good idea for us to move him to a pet hospital overnight to ensure if he bled they would be able to deal with it.

Jasper never came out of that pet hospital. He deteriorated rapidly. We knew when we saw our boy that last time that he was going from us. He died later that evening.

The thing that breaks my heart, apart from missing him terribly, is that I was not there with him when he drew his last breath, as never in his life time has he ever been left alone without us. It annoys me that they would not allow me to stay with him.

I just hope i can start to remember all the great times he gave us without the pain, as we were truly blessed that he found us and us him. If there is something else after we finish here on this world, then I can't wait to see him again, gone but never ever forgotten.

In memory of my best mate, big head as I used to call him, Jasper. xxxxx

In Memory of Our Beautiful Loyal Black GSD, Deimos
by: Toby

Last Saturday started out a seemingly lovely day and ended with an inconsolable empty hole in our hearts. So many pieces of our heart have gone with furry friends that unconditionally loved and shared life with us.

Deimos had a seizure - out of the blue - one week after having been given a clean bill of health. He was only 6. He then aspirated and went into acute pneumonia. There was a mass discovered, and his liver panels were not right. It seemed the perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances. We were told by multiple doctors to let him go.

Let him go? We hadn't even really gotten this party started and now they are telling us to shut it down. But we knew in our hearts what we needed to do for Deimos; what he would have done for us.

Today is Christmas, 4 days later, and there are moments of calm, but the crushing hollowness has brought us to our knees.

Maya, his older sister, broke our hearts as she literally cried us awake this morning and has continued to do so through the day.

We adored you, darling Deimos; you gave us more loyalty and love than any other before you and most likely after you. You were one of a kind, Buddy. What a blessing that you chose us!

We shall fill the holes in our heart with happy memories filled with running, jumping, slobbery rubber balls, walks, comfy naps on the bed, and all the smiles that you ever gave us from the first moment we met.

I will be looking for you in my dreams, longing for your touch and waiting for you to meet me as I draw my last breath.

No Words
by: rishaan

Your story brought me to tears. My boy is 7 now, and I can already see he is in his final years.

I don't know if I can bear to lose him, he has been the light of my life.

I am trying hard to, from now, make myself ready for the inevitable, but reading stories like yours, I don't know if I can prepare.

Thank you.

by: Ronda

My deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved Molly.

I, too, lost the love of my life, Keoni, on August 13, 2013. He was 9 years, 9 months old. He had hemangiocarcinoma and after emergency surgery to remove his spleen, we had an additional 31 days together.

To say I cherished each moment does not give justice to the time I spent with him during his final days. He was my heart, my life, my partner, my beloved, my soul. His birthday is tomorrow, November 12, and I plan on celebrating the wonderful years we had together.

I miss him every day and look forward to the time we share a special hug again.

Meantime, I hope your heart heals and you find love again with that special furry friend.

by: Rick

There have been German Shepherds before Sarek, and I guess there will be more after Sarek. But there will never be one who impacted my life the way that Sarek did.

He came up here to live with me the day before my younger sister had an aneurysm and two weeks before she passed. Sarek seemed to know that I was in sad shape. But Sarek was by my side throughout.

Then a few years later I became very sick, and Sarek was by my side again. Without him I wouldn't have made it.

So when Sarek could no longer come upstairs to bed, I moved my mattress to the first floor and slept with Sarek so that he would always know that I was there. You see, that was the least that I could do.

I knew that we were on borrowed time. Even so, losing Sarek was probably the most difficult thing that I have ever had to deal with. He passed quietly and surrounded by those who loved him -- almost as much as I did.

by: Kevin

My wife and I were forced to put our 8 1/2 year old german shepherd Tempo down on 10/11. He stopped eating on a Wednesday, and a day and a half later he was gone.

I loved to walk him and his sidekick, an 8 year old jack Russell, everywhere, and the two of them were absolutely comical. They were truly inseparable and a complete complement to each other.

I walked him for the last time on Thursday, and although his death was sudden, I looked in his eyes and I swear to God I knew he had cancer.

He had trouble breathing in the middle of the night. We carried him to the car in a blanket and drove 100 mph to a 24 hr vet. At 4 am we thought we could remove his spleen and we were told he had a 1 in 3 chance of making a full recovery.

A few hours later we were told he had fluid in his lungs, and the cancer had spread to his bloodstream and possibly his heart.

Although we carried him into the vet, I will never forget that Tempo had such dignity that he was able to make one last walk into the bereavement room to be with us for the last time.

I loved walking with him, and a little thing we did when he got excited was I would say " hey buddy" to distract him, and then he would charge over to me for affection. I instinctively said it to him as he was laying on the floor struggling to breathe, and he looked up at me one last time.

I have honestly never in my life cried as hard as I did last night.

by: coco cruz

I've had to do this many times. Your story mirrors mine. It still hurts no matter how much time has passed.

You will love again and you will spread more love to a dog who will never take Molly's place in your heart, but will make your heart bigger.

Buddy Angel Sent
by: Juanita

Thanks so much, Kim! It really helps to know others care as much as we do. :)

by: kim

I'm so sorry for the loss of your white shepherd. I lost my white shepherd, age 2 years, in 2011. It was the worst day of my life.

We can just remember the good times we had together and the love they gave to us.

Thinking of you at this sad time.

My Hero Buddy
by: Juanita

We just lost our Best Friend today 07/26/2013. :( He was a 10 year old White Shepherd, the most loyal, loving, caring dog ever!

He started having hip and leg weakness a year ago. We took him to the Vet, who prescribed Tramadol & Previcox. After a couple of weeks he felt much better, and started being himself.

A week ago he fell down and could not get his back legs up. :( We called the Mobile Vet right away, but he told us that it was that time. I didn't give up. We picked Buddy up, and took him to the clinic.

Again the Vet told us that Buddy probably didn't have much more to live, and it broke my heart! The Vet sent us home with the same meds, but Buddy just wouldn't take them; we put them inside his favorite treats, and he ate the treats and spit the Meds back out.

This morning he was crying. My husband had to pick up a 100 lb angel to help him. Buddy didn't want to eat or drink, but I was thinking he would later. Well around 6:07 we made him drink some water, and 5 minutes later he passed.

This has been one of the worst days of my life. I can't stop crying, and thinking that I lost our Best Friend who gave us his unconditional love, specially to our daughter, who was 4 years old when we brought him home.

Buddy had so much fun with all her school friends jumping on our trampoline, playing doll house with her, enjoying long walks. :)

I just want to tell you, Buddy, that you brought so much happiness into our lives. We will always love and remember you! Larry, my brother, will as well. He took so much care of you, and loves you.

We will never forget such an angel. We know you are in a better place next to God! Always know that we love you, and thank you for being our big baby!

We love, love, love, love you, and will always miss you!!!!!!!!!

The Death of a Beloved Pet
by: connie

I had to put my Dobermans, Tasha & Fortune, to sleep at the vet's office. They were two of the most painful things I have ever had to do. When Fortune died, it was not long after my father's passing. My son, who went with me, said, "You are crying more about your dog than you did your dad." I said it was because my dog treated me better then my dad did.

RIP good dogs everywhere.

by: Anonymous

Max, the most honest, most loyal, funniest and best buddy in the whole world. We had to make the decision to put our beloved Max down due to leukemia. He was 13 years old. One day he was bunny hopping, the next week he could not walk. At least he went quickly.

It was heartbreaking to see this big, strong, active shepherd unable to move, unable to even lift his head. this big strong GSD who used to run and prance and play and swim with us all the hours in the day.

The vet offered to give him steroids to keep him comfortable and alive for another few days. The temptation was great just to keep him around a little bit longer, love him that little bit longer. In the end, though, it came down to him and what he meant to us.

I held him and cried all the way to the vet's. I cried as they put the needle in, and I cried when I felt his soul leave his body.

I'm still crying 3 years later, but I have good memories. He will always be in my heart.

My Maximillion. My best friend. You will never be forgotten.

by: Storm's Mum

I know.

I Miss You Toby
by: Yvonne

Thank you for this website. We lost our perfect German Shepherd son Toby four weeks ago at the age of 11-1/2. Reading your stories and comments is helping.

I would love to tell you about him but can't at the moment. I will read your stories now and share ours later.

We loved every day he was in our life, and know others share that.

Casey, My Friend
by: AnonymousStella Altman

On May 7, 2013 my Casey will be eleven years old. On May 19, I will be seventy-six. So we are growing old together. We both know I am his last human and he is my last furry friend.

He is still healthy but sleeps a lot, long stretched out body with the most peaceful sleeping I have ever seen. I dread the day when he is gone. I don't think he even pictures life without me, and I hope he doesn't have to. He is my very best earthly friend.

In Memory of Sarek (6.26.2012)
by: Anonymous

Even though I am still a wreck, I would like to share the words of the author of PET GERMAN SHEPHERD, Mr. Mansfield Schalk.

"Keep your dog as long as he is happy and comfortable. Do everything you reasonably can to keep him that way. But when the sad time comes that he is sick, always uncomfortable, or in some pain, it is your obligation then to have him put to sleep...But you owe it to your old friend to allow him to go to sleep...And because you loved your old dog as much as you did, you'll pay him the greatest tribute. He proved to you that there's nothing quite so wonderful as a fine German shepherd, so in his honor you'll get another German shepherd as soon as you can. I think he'd like it that way."

For me, easier said than done.

by: Conor

So sorry for your loss.

I lost my 13 year old German shepherd this week with cancer and my 6 year old German shepherd 6 months ago from cancer. I am totally devastated.

I hope your feeling better soon. :(

They Love Us Unconditionally
by: Maureen

How very sad this made me feel. They bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. I have 2 rescue greyhounds of 6 and 11 and my German Shepherd boy Leo whom I've had from 8 weeks old. He will be 2 soon.

I can't imagine being without any of them. All we can do is love and care for them till they have to leave us for Rainbow Bridge. It's heartbreaking.


My dad was born on 12/12/1912. So 12/12 is a special day.

The very best come into the world and also leave it. They are the guardian angels at Rainbow Bridge.

My heart is with you. I have lost sheps throughout my life. They were my heart.

Best Friends Forever
by: Anonymous

Lost my own "Shadow" in early July 2012. I think of him every day, and feel bad that I could not fight harder against the cancer that came to take him.

He was still protecting us from the vet, when she came to give him his needle.

In my heart he will aways stay.

Shurooq, My Little One
by: Anonymous

I had to put my 6 year old dog down on December 29, 2012. He was the love of life.

He went from a very happy, joyful, jumping and running dog to not being able to move. It started with pain in his fronts legs to severe pain, unable to move or to be touched without yelping out in pain.

The meds were no longer working. And he was not wanting to take the meds. He had lockjaw and I had to pull his jaws apart to give his 10 med pills, only to have him spit them out.

Taking him in was the hardest thing I have ever done. I was with him, telling him that everything was going to be ok and that he was good dog.

I love him with all my heart. I feel so alone without him. I know we will be together some day.

Until then, my love.


My Sweet Nero
by: Anonymous

I had to put my four year old shepherd to sleep December 12, 2012. Nero was born with autoimmune IBS and always had health issues. However, he was always happy.

In July he developed seizures. A few weeks later, laryngeal paralysis. This confirmed a brain tumor. I decided to treat his symptoms and keep him happy. He hung on until Tuesday.

He started wandering around the house and "staring off." I knew it was time. I miss him so much, it hurts. I'm lost without my sweet "buddy man."

Our Bella's Story
by: Brenda

4 years ago we lost our Husky dog and after a few months made the decision to get another dog to keep our Sheltie company. I wanted a lap dog but my husband and daughter wanted a German Shepherd. We went to a breeder who had multiple black male shepherds, but only one black and brown beautiful female.

She won my heart immediatly and came home with us that day. I told my husband she was his birthday gift, but due to being unemployed and home all day she became mine, always following me through the house. She would not go to bed until I went to bed.

When she was a pup she almost drowned in our pool when the gate was left open. After that we decided to invest in stairs for our pool. Quickly she learned to use them. She loved to swim in our pool. Our family members loved to spend time with her in it.

This week around midnight I let her and our puppy out to go before going to bed. I woke up around 2am and didn't feel well so I went downstairs. I thought both dogs would soon be down. Our little guy came down about 20 minutes later, but no Bella.

My husband got up around 3:30 and found Bella dead. She was still warm but must have died in her sleep. We keep asking why. We will never know.

I told my husband today to remember that she lived each day active and always in motion when outside. She loved to get in bed with us and loved to think she was a lap dog, many times laying on my lap in the chair.

The house is so quiet with her gone. She always barked when she heard us come home and the garage door went up.

Bella, we love you. You will not be forgotten. Thank you for being my loyal family member.

My German Shepherd "Captain" Died 10/12/2012
by: steve

Your story about Molly is helping me with my grieving for my dog Captain who died 3 days ago.

He was 12, fit, quirky, handsome. He pranced with the unretrieved stick for me to chase him for it.

He failed guard dog school because he would not attack the man with padded arm. He would not sit for me unless there was food involved, or I yelled "sit" for 3 minutes. But I did not care because he was the most honourable friend I have ever had.

The day he died from a tumor that burst and flooded his beautiful heart was a complete surprise! The night before he died, he appeared weak. The next afternoon I saw him even weaker. I brought him inside the house and let him lie down.

I went out the back yard to get his pillow for the trip to the vet. The courier arrived to the front door, and Captain ran to him and barked from behind the screen door, then threw up.

I grabbed my package after being told I had a vicious dog, picked up Captain and told him to sit, which he did the first and last time.

He collapsed, took 3 deep breaths, and died in front of me.

He pleased me even in his last few minutes alive by guarding and sitting for me.

He was the best dog.

Sad Loss
by: kelvin

My dog Ozzy started having seizures at about 12 years old then stopped. 6 months later, one day I noticed his stomach had swelled up. After the vet drained the fluid and took x rays showing tumors, we had to make the decision to put him down.

He was the third german shepherd I have owned and we are totally stricken with grief.

My heart goes out to everyone else who has lost their best friend.

Loss of German Shepherd "Patron"
by: Jose Garcia - San Diego

Thank you, my dear son, friend and dog! I will remember all the good times and bad that we went through! I hope you're in a better place! Your brother and sisters, mom and I will miss you dearly! You are always gonna be in my heart and soul! Love you, boy, since the first day I saw you. I hope I provided a good home for you!

by: Amy

We put our German Shepherd, Max, down last night and I woke up this morning feeling like I was waking up from a terrible nightmare. Our vet saved him from death of a ruptured tumor of his spleen (hemongiosarcoma) on June 27.

We had hoped for 3-6 months, but instead we had 33 wonderful days with him.

Others have shared the same feelings I have right now. A heart so heavy I can hardly breathe, sobbing and a feeling of loneliness and despair.

I love you, Max. Stay with me in spirit every day.

My 2 German Shepherds
by: Anonymous

I woke up one morning and found my German shepherd laying on the floor crying. I went to get my mom. By the time she got in there, it was too late. She had died on the floor in my room. Every time I go in there, I see here laying there dead :..(

Re Chewi by Aaron
by: kim

I'm sorry for your loss as well. I looked him up on the Youtube link. He was a lovely dog. It was such a shock for me, losing Casper at only 2 years old. He was loved so much in his short life.

My thoughts and best wishes are with you. Rest in peace, Chewi and Casper. xx

My Best Friend Casper
by: kim

My best friend Casper, my 2 year old lovely white german shepherd, had to be put to sleep on 29th Nov 11 with kidney problems.

I held him in my arms while the vet did the injection. It was the worst day of my life. I miss him so much. I have his ashes at home with me.

Always in my heart until we meet up again and always in my thoughts.

Love, mum xx

My Chewi
by: Aaron

I'm so sorry for your loss. I just lost Chewi, my shepherd. He was 10 years old. He passed May 14 2012, yesterday. It was the hardest day of my life.

We were k-9 security partners for 3 and a half years together. We spent 16 hours a day.

He was my life, my best friend. This is a video of him on Youtube:

I miss him with all my heart.

A New Year
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. I had to make the hard decision on New Years Eve 2011 to put my GSD Tessa to sleep. She had a bleeding tumor on her spleen, hemangiosarcoma.

It was the toughest decision I ever made. I held her so tight when they gave her the last shot. I have her ashes and every day since then I touch her box and say I miss you to death.

I think it's the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my family and of all days, New Years Eve. I'm still struggling with the decision even though it has been over 5 months. :(

I Feel Your Pain
by: Ashley

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. We too lost our beautiful german shepherd Molly, December 20th 2011, in her 8th year. We miss and love her soo much.

Thinking of her, and reading this, allows me to be filled with memories of her. Her bark when she wanted out. That's what we loved about her. She would talk/bark with you.

Goodness, even trying to write about her brings tears to my eyes. So, I know how you feel. There is always a place inside your heart where she belongs. <3

Missing Jordan
by: Jacquetta

So sorry to hear about your loss. I too know your pain as we had to put our 12 yr old GSD who would have been 13 in 2 weeks to sleep this past Saturday, 4/21/12.

She was suffering from quite a few things, including a tumor on her mouth. We adopted her at 5 years old and the last 7 years have been nothing but fun. She will be missed and forever in our hearts.

by: Anonymous

I too lost my beautiful Motaki to DM. I had to put her down one month ago at the age of 13 1/2 years. She was diagnosed at age 11 and we kept her going for 2 1/2 more years but first her back legs and then her front legs gave out.

She was still very alert and she just kept looking at me as if to ask me why I was letting them put her to sleep forever. She was shaking and all I could do was tell her how sorry I was and that I loved her forever.

What a horrible, terrible disease DM is. I pray for anybody who has a dog with this disease that something else will take them before you have to make the decision I did.

For Kafka, Our Darling GSD
by: Hazelnut

I have just had our dear, sweet GSD Kafka put to sleep. He had a ruptured cancer of the spleen.

I am in a daze. Cannot function. Body is aching to hold him again as I did an hour ago when he passed gently away in my arms. He trusted me so, taking him on (what I didn't actually know would be) his last trip to the Vets. It is so moving.

Dear Kaffy, Mummy's 'Wolfie,' may the Lord grant you a heavenly new existence...only, don't forget us darling. We love you so much.

Thank you for being the dearest dog and our sweet friend. xxxx

I Lost My GSD too
by: Anonymous

My "Baron" died at 14 years old with pneumonia and septic infection 3 days ago, and my heart is broken. I cried every day for him. I see him everywhere too. Don't know what to do. I just only want to see him again in the rainbow bridge. Hopefully very soon.

My Heart Hurts
by: sue

I am so sorry for all of you and know the feeling all too well. We woke up Wednesday morning to find our 5 year old Millie had died peacefully in her sleep. She had never been ill a day in her short life. She filled me with love and wonder every day. I will always be grateful for the love she taught me.

by: Matt

Today I lost one of my best friends, Atlas, to a stroke. While it's uncommon for dogs to be stricken down by them, it happened this morning.

The upsetting thing is not having been able to say goodbye. I live in a different location than my parents, so I just received the call. He was a white german shepherd, very loving, kind, and compassionate. I had him since I was 11 and he was always there, happy to see me.

God bless you and yours. Maybe one day we'll see our loved companions again.

I'm Sorry
by: Anonymous

Victoria, I am very sorry for your loss of the lovely woman's best friend. I was moved by your statement. I can feel your life without the love you need.

Best wishes,
Bunsou Sour,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I am so sorry for your loss
by: Patti

I saw your page and it made me stop and look because I had to put my GSD down on July 26th. Her name was Molly. She was 9 as well. Molly taught me what unconditional love is. I got her at 8 weeks old and she cured me and many others of the fear of big dogs.

She was so special. She was a therapy dog and she helped so many people in her short life. She had hip dysplasia her whole life but we had to put her down because she got myelopathy of the spine.

I love her so. She will ALWAYS be in my heart, She is my heart.

God bless you. I will say a prayer for you. Remember, you will see her again when she crosses over the rainbow bridge to greet you.

So Very Sorry for Your Loss
by: Kerry

I just came across your page. I am so sorry for your loss. We had to have our german shepherd Jet put down on 21st September 2011 as she had osteosarcoma in her back leg. We found out back in July 2011.

She was just 9 years old when we lost her. I struggle day by day missing her so much. Your dog was beautiful. I'm sure they are all playing together up in heaven.

R.I.P Molly and R.I.P Jet xx

Rest in Peace, Sweetie
by: Valerie

Spinal Osteosarcoma took my beautiful Sweetie today. She was an 8 1/2 yearo old Akita Shepherd mix, the most gentle girl in the world, who earned her name with her sweet, loving spirit. Run free with no more pain, Sweetie girl. Mommy loves you.

Rocky the Rescue Dog
by: Anna

Reading all the comments has filled my heart with warmth but brought out the tears again.

I rescued Rocky 5 weeks ago from a miserable life. He was happy to be with us even though my 2 year old GSD made his life a tad difficult at times! He was a placid loving boy who had been neglected for the 6 years he was alive. We took him home, gave him love and affection.

He died on Christmas night after having a twisted intestine and spleen. He would not have survived the operation and reluctantly I made the decision to give him the dignity he deserved.

Rocky, I just wish that I had you with me for longer. You deserved so much more. I have been blessed to have had you in my life for 5 weeks. Even Alfred, the young GSD, misses and looks for you.

A beautiful tribute to Molly and to all the other GSDs.

by: Lynda

I am so happy I found this website. I just knew there would be others out there writing about the loss of their German Shepherd.

Our beautiful Lady had to be put to sleep on July 7th. We learned, unexpectedly, that she had osteosarcoma (a tumour on her pelvis). It was the worst day of our lives.

We, and vets, had suspected her symptoms were related to hip dysplasia. We were hopeful that she would be a candidate for a hip replacement and were shocked when a mass was found in her abdomen.

She was a beautiful, vibrant, sweet and tough girl. She was definitely my protector and best friend. I shed a tear every day for her.

It has been 6 months, yet it sometimes feels like yesterday when we were lying on the ground beside her while she was being put to sleep. I never would have thought the pain would be this deep.

Our new GSD is a real sweetheart. She won't replace Lady, but brings us smiles every day.

God Bless all of you.

My Tara
by: Sharon

Yesterday I held my girl as she drifted off after 13 years and 3 weeks being by my side. Tara - my best friend, loyal beyond belief, eyes so trusting, so gentle that I know deep down I owed her her dignity. That is what I am holding onto very tightly.

I watched her for 3 days and she kept giving me that look that said "You know, I'm quite tired now, but you will do what's best for me to make things right - I know you will."

The strength she gave me through a lot of rough times was always immense. Today I feel vulnerable. My girl is not physically by my side, laying on my feet, nudging me for her treats, keeping me warm and giving me back the cuddles and so much love that we shared. From 8 weeks old until yesterday, she's been my life.

I stayed with her and held her until the end. She came home the same day - her ashes by my side now. My heart is broken.

To have a German Shepherd in you life is a privilege. My girl Tara, "bear-cub," gave me everything. I woke this morning, the first one without her. I am lost.

All my love and thanks to Tara for giving me the pleasures and fun we had. I will miss you forever, goodnight sweetheart, your heartbroken mum. xx

Loss of Molly
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear of your loss. I really do know how you feel. We have just lost our beautiful german shepherd Bonny. We too had to make that horrible heart-rending decision to have her put to sleep.

She was my best friend, and I feel so lonely without her. She was the most loyal dog I have had. She was so loving, and felt every emotion I felt.

I hope time does heal. I hope you find peace one day, knowing you gave her all your love. She will be with you always. Just close your eyes and she will be there.

Stay strong.


My Wonderful Friend
by: Tony

17/10/11 I have just had to put my best friend to sleep, age 11. She was called Honey, and as so many of you have said, it's one of the worst days of my life.

She was always first to say good morning and hello when I came home at night. She filled the house with affection and love. Now my day is empty without her by my side. She would follow me around everywhere. I'd go to the toilet, she would wait outside, have a bath, she'd be waiting outside.

She loved playing with our three children, who all grew up with her, and are feeling an emptiness. I am finding Honey hair all over the place. Each one I find makes me sad.

I think I am in a state of shock, because I cannot leave the house without a tear in my eye, and I do not want to come home when the house is empty. I know it's early days at the moment, and time is a healer, but I don't think there will anything that can heal the love I have lost.

Thank you all for sharing your loss. I am hoping it will help by writing it down in words.

One Year Ago
by: Kevin and Susie

Thank you for this site. It helps us put the pain somewhere other than our broken hearts.

We miss Rileyboy so much, not a day goes by that we don't talk to him in heaven. Frankly, I don't know how we've made it so far without him. I have been sick this year, and thought I may not make it, but kept thinking I'll get to see Riley again, so it won't be so bad. He still protects me, comforts me, even a year after he left. The pain is just as deep, just as real, just as hard. Our love will never ebb, and the missing will always flow.

No, we are all not crazy. The German Shepherd is the fiercest protector, the gentlest family member, the sweetest most pure heart to grace the earth.

God bless you all who are as blessed and cursed like us, we walk with you.

Someday, I'll hold you again, my Rileyboy.

Moncho, My Best Friend
by: katia

I feel for all of you. Just last Tuesday I had to let my dear Moncho go. He had a swollen heart and one of his lungs was flooded. It was heart-breaking to see the weight he lost in only 15 days. He was just a shadow of his former self.

It was the hardest decision I had to make and I stayed with him to the end. Now I see and feel him everywhere.

I miss you so much, my dearest and most loyal GS dog. You helped me through my hardest years with your love and loyalty. I will always have you in my heart, dear friend. You were so special.

My Rowdy
by: Minnie

Thank you all for your comments. I just lost my Rowdy at 11 1/2 years old 2 evenings ago and I am completly crushed. He was the most beautiful german shepherd with the most loving personality any dog can have.

My heart is torn apart and I don't know how this will ever feel better. He died at home, which I thought may be easier but it isn't. I am a complete mess.

Thank you all for your kind words and making me realize I am certainly not alone.

So sorry
by: Karen

So sorry that your German Shepherd, Molly, died. I read your story and felt such great sadness. I, too, lost my GS dog, Tiger, this week. He had to be put to sleep as he got very ill and could not walk and was in a whole lot of pain. Luckily, he made it to 9 years.

The worst thing is having to see your sweetheart being put to sleep. I am living in pain every day and night, not having my Tiger at my side. He slept at the foot of my bed every night and I'd sing him a nighttime lullaby since the time he was a pup.

He brought so much love and joy to our family. I know how you are feeling about the loss of Molly. It really hurts a lot. Get another GS in memory of Molly but first allow yourself to grieve a while. That is very important.

Keep strong, remember Molly for who she was and one day, you'll find the strength to go forward with another dog.

My Xena girl
by: Vicstar

I am so sorry for your loss! I had to put my Xena (13yr GSD) to sleep this week and am totally heartbroken! It is the hardest thing to go through, to say goodbye to a best friend! She was the best girl I have ever met! Loyal, loving and proud, and so very protective of her family. I understand your pain!! It hurts soooo bad! xx

Still crying for Dawson
by: Dawson's Mom

I was so happy when I first found this site. That was over 21 months ago. I had lost my beautiful twelve year old German Shepherd boy Dawson. 09-02-09. I posted my feelings, thankful for this site.

Words cannot describe how much Dawson and I loved and trusted each other. When I lost him, I almost lost my will to live. My heart could hardly beat without him (he took most of it with him).

When the heart ache gets too much to bear (which is often), I revisit this site, and read all the stories over and over and over again. I don't know what else to do.

My heart still aches
My tears still flow
Will the pain ever go?

I love you Dawson, and still cry for you every day. Eternally yours - MOM

by: Savannah

Trust me, I know how you feel and what the heartaches feel like. I had a German Shepherd who passed about a year ago. I want you to know that Molly never really has left you and she'll always be there for you. If it makes you feel better you shoul read this-

Lady Sasha
by: Frank Hopson

I loved Sasha more than life itself, and when I stood watching the vet, I had to leave the room. After he put Sasha to sleep, he brought her out to me and I carried her to my car. A few years later I carried my dad, who was dying from cancer. The memories linger.

I am a Scot and I am firm. I miss my mum and I miss my dad and I miss Lady Sasha. Life really sucks.

by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. I think that making this for Molly was such a nice thing to do. I have a dog who is 12, but still a puppy at heart. I'm so lucky that I've had him for so long, and i know I'll feel like you did when he dies. Just remember that you did the best thing you could!

Tara, 9 years wasn't enough
by: Anonymous

We lost our gorgeous girl April 8th 2010. She had DM. What a horrible disease.

We cry for her every day. When I look at where her bed was, the pain in my heart is unbearable.

The day we had her put to sleep haunts me every day. She kept looking at us like, "Well, can we go home now?"

The disease paralyzed her.

What a champion she was, a fierce protector, a big baby.

She'll be in our hearts forever. I can still feel her fur, feel the lick on my face. What memories.

by: Anonymous

I am so glad I found this site.

Thank you all so very much for sharing your pain. It helps for us to share our pain. I too had put CBOE my German shepherd and friend of 10 1/2 years to sleep. On Friday Nov. 5 2010.

I never knew you could love a dog so much. I am not much for words but I just had to tell someone how much heartache and pain I felt from my loss.

Thank you MOLLY.

Riley the Wonderdog
by: Kevin and Susie

Riley was the best friend my wife and I ever had.

He was a massive German Shepherd, whose size was only rivaled by his kind and gentle nature.

We were blessed to have had his soul in our lives for 10 years. He could feel so deeply for those around him. When grandma was dying, we took Riley the wonderdog to visit her on her deathbed. She couldn't speak anymore, and Riley knew how ill she was. He put his massive head on the bed next to her, and gave her the last smile she ever had on the earth.

He never grouched or growled at anyone. He was the dog you could have kids climb over and not worry. He protected his family, like all good shepherds, but was so gentle he didn't want to hurt anyone.

Twice he was bitten by smaller dogs, and he didn't fight back, because he knew he would hurt them. That's not to say if an intruder came around he wouldn't protect us. One time a cable guy went in our yard and Rileyboy chased him out and back up his ladder.

He eliminated 9 possums from the yard that I know about, and was very adept at disposing of rats, even with his 130 pounds of muscle.

My heart is broken with his passing. The world is a little darker without him. Everybody who knew Riley loved him. Susie and I will always carry Riley in our hearts.

We love you bigboy!

Max and Drago
by: Anonymous

Today October 16, 2010, a day in grieving. My heart goes out to Molly and your family. I have 2 German Shepherds. Younger one is 3 years old (Drago) and the elder is 14. Today Max (Elder) could not get up. He urinated in his place. He also will not eat anything.

Their life expectancy is much shorter (around 10). I am distraught, because come Monday I might have to let him go. What makes me more sad is Drago (3 years) is watching this whole scenario take place. He understands it perfectly. I don't want Drago to get old. I dont want to see the day Drago is in Max's position. Basically I wish I can freeze time, or better yet rewind it.

I have never met such a LOYAL species. I grieve more for the Dogs in this world than Humans. We Humans have mistreated everything that has come to us.

German Shepherds are my Angels.

The dog can tell from the glance of the trainer the state of the trainer's soul.

Big Head Dog
by: Sue Gallagher

Thank you for this site as I feel it helps to write things down. I am so sorry for your losses... all of you.

The tears are flowing down my cheeks as I mourn our Big German Shepherd "Riley." He was my best friend and protector, he was the best dog we have ever had. Neither my husband nor I has ever grieved as much for anyone else.

He died this week of a heart that was just too big, at the age of 5 1/2. The hole he has left in our lives is tremendous but we know he is feeling better now physically. Fondly called the "Warden" because of his vigilant watch he kept over me, I feel he is still watching from above.

Thanks for all your stories. They are a special breed with a loyalty and deep love that is unmatched.

Good bye my friend, see you again some time.

Best Dogs!
by: Courtney

Aren't they just the best dogs!

Molly is so beautiful. I love her markings.

I have a german shepherd too! Her name is Lexy and she is 2.

My Buddy Boy will be missed
by: Jerry

We too made the decision to end our German Shepherd Buddy's suffering. How unbelievable the pain I feel is, and how hard it was to say goodbye.

From the shoulders up he was the same wonderful loverboy he was for 12 1/2 years. The other half just gave out and that is no way to live. We loved him so much we did the best thing for him. I am lost, and I miss him so. My heart is broken and it will forever be missing a piece.

Buddy was the best friend I could have had, and he was like a son to me. He was my child and I loved him so. My wife is also heartbroken, as he was her son as well.

Thank you Buddy for all the love, companionship, sleepless nights when you were a puppy and when it stormed. Thank you for the loyal, trusting, protective things you did. I felt safe when I was away knowing you were there to protect the girls. It hurts. I can't get over it, it hurts so much.

My German Shepherd
by: Anonymous

My baby, Shadow Annabelle was put to sleep, May 25, aged 11.

My heart is broken.

A friend
by: Christina

I went through the same situation. George held his pee, though he couldn't walk. He licked my face to the second he stopped breathing.

He went more violently than Molly.

I cried reading this, reliving my own pain, but I'm so glad I found it, because I know I'm not alone.

Lost without my Dos!
by: Dawson's Mom

So sorry for your loss. I lost my handsome, beautiful boy Dawson on September 2, 2009. I have buried my young husband and grieved for him.

I picked Dawson out when he was 3 weeks old. He was nicknamed my HARRY HUSBAND! He became my rock. Was with me 24/7. Have had dogs before, but never had a relationship like I had with Dos. He was 12 1/2 when I had to make that horrible decision to part with him. It has ripped my heart out. There are no words to describe my pain and loss.

I know exactly how you feel. I thought the experience of losing my husband would prepare me for this loss. NOT!

Be brave that is what I am trying to do.

In loving memory of my beautiful boy Dawson.

The loss of your shepherd
by: Anonymous

I think I know what you are going through. I lost my long haired GSD last September when she passed away in my arms from a severe seizure. I still grieve over her and the thirteen years we had together. I had two family members pass away last year, and I never shed a tear or got so upset as much as I did on that sunny September day I when I lost her.

My Best Friend, Buck
by: Anonymous

I just lost my best friend Buck. He was a beautiful German Shepherd who I had the pleasure of knowing for 10 1/2 years.

He became sick last week. We took him to the emergency vet and learned that a tumor had ruptured on his neck. The vet removed the growth and we took him home.

He was doing fine until 12/22/09. He was walking into his house when he laid down and died.

I will be lost without my "Buckboy." I have grieved over other animals that I have had in the past, but this seems different. I truly loved my dog. He will be forever missed at my house. I buried his body in the back yard and I buried his gentle spirit in my heart.

I love you always, Bucky. Love Me

I feel for you
by: Kayley

I was in the same situation with my dog Scarlett. She would always chase the ball as fast as lightning. It was slowly stopping.

Going to the vet didn't help. We tried surgery..... It didn't work. I looked at her as my parents said they thought it was time. I didn't want to believe it but it would be the right thing to do. We helped her out of the house into the car. I couldn't go and watch that happen to the most loyal dog in the world. As I hugged her my tears hit her soft fur. I took pictures.

I am totally lost without Scarlett. But I will throw the ball to her the second I get to heaven.

I love and miss you, Scarlett.

by: craig

I had my german shepherd Bruno put to sleep today, 17 0ct 2009. I've been through so much in my life and he was always been there for me. I knew when he looked at me the night before that it was time, and I took him to the vets the next morning. He was always terrible at the vets for barking, but he could not be bothered with anything when he went in today.

I'm happy he is at rest now. I can't stop crying when I think of him on the vets' floor, but then I just think of all the fun times and it gives me comfort. I'm glad he left his claw marks on every door in my house. We'll all miss this crazy, jolly and very naughty german shepherd.

I miss you Bruno.

I feel your pain
by: James

I lost Jade yesterday, a graceful, intelligant most loyal German shepherd. She would have turned 11 on the 14th Sept 2009, but became very ill a couple of weeks ago. She had a cancer of some kind, either in the form of a tumour in her kidneys or lymphoma.

I had her put to sleep as the kindest thing to do. She could barely get her back end up off the floor, and was so very weak and laying in her urine as her bladder was not working.

I am so very sad today. I lost my best friend. We had been through so so much together, and she brought me great joy and comfort. I repaid her with a fantastic life full of love and happiness.

But for today there is a hole in my heart.

Never to be forgotten Jadepig xxxxx

R.I.P until we meet again

Your Molly
by: Tom


I send my sympathies to you on the loss of your Molly. Trust that you did right for her. She is free and running healthy and happy at the Rainbow Bridge and she will watch over you forever.

I lost my boy Ned 2 months ago and I will never forget him.

When that memory of Molly's last day on earth creeps into your thoughts think of the happiest days with Molly. I try to do that with Ned. Think of Molly as just being in another room. Listen for her bark in the wind and wait for her to come visit in your dreams. She wants you to be happy.

Molly is in her new home in Heaven
by: Lisa

I am so very sorry for your loss! Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel for you.

I lost my beautiful german shepherd/border collie "Bella" on March 28, 2009. She was just 2 1/2 years old and had no health problems. My vet said she must have had a heart issue because she died in her bed, looking out the sliding glass doors. We were home all day, left for an hour and she was gone when we returned. She was still warm. I was in shock for weeks and think I still am.

But, I bought a book that has helped. "Cold noses at the pearly gates". I am 100% positive that Bella is in heaven enjoying her new home with new friends and one day we will be together.

I will pray for God to bring you peace that passes all understanding. I know that is what I continue to need. You will get through this.

When someone becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.m Treasure those loving memories. They will help your sorrow. You can email me at

Lisa Alexander

Your shepherd
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry. That's all I can say. I feel every bit of your pain as I had to put mine down last Nov 30th. There's nothing in the world like the love of a dog. God how i miss mine, and after reading yours I miss him just the same. I feel and share the same pain you feel. God bless you and stay strong....

John from NH

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