These are the ones I call treasure

by Vanessa



My name is Vanessa and first of all I want to say I am really sorry for the ones who lost their dog!

I really appreciate that I still have my 3 beautifull dogs!
Well the thing is, they're not with me. And I suffer everyday so I can't even imagine what it would feel like when they are really gone!

I moved away and couldn't take my dogs with me. I only see them very seldom because of the bad relationship I have with my stepdad.

My biggest wish as a child was to get a dog! And my dream came true! His name is Lucky! A year later i got a dog found on the street. Her name is Buffy ...And my last sweet thing was lying on the wet street in Romania ...also a street dog.. she was a pup and I just couldn't let her die! So I took her home! I named her Flecky. But since my mom got divorced i can't see them anymore! Which is the worst for me...

I also have another dog at my grandpa's, named Micky. I feel so guilty because it was my fault the he lost his eye in a car accident! I saw how the car caught him! I still have nightmares! But I deserve that. It was my fault! It happened also in Romania where they don't really have collars and stuff for the dogs! And I shouldn't have taken him out with me! But he's alive and I cherish that gift so much!

I always avoid thinking about them for too long. I just can't take it! They lighted up my life, which was dark, because of the really bad relationship to my whole family. My dogs were always there when I needed them. They brought a smile to my face when I thought I forgot what it feels like. Once I was about to cry, and Flecky came to me, licked my face, went out to the pond, put her nose in the water and started to make bubbles. =)

I owe them so much! And I'm afraid because Lucky is getting old now. I don't know what I would do if I lost him, or any of them!

Although I love dogs so much I don't know if i would take another one after mine.

I wish anyone enough strength and love to learn to live with the loss of a dear friend!
Best wishes to all of you and your friends!


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Dear Friend
by: Anonymous

A loving person like you deserves lots of love in the world. Thank you for being so kind to the dogs. A new dog never takes the place of another, but bring lots of happiness to make the pain of another less. Love

That is such a shame
by: Teresa

I'm so sorry for you not being able to see your babies. It's not fair for your family to keep them from you the way you obviously love them so much. I can imagine how heartbreaking it would be to know where they are and not be with them.

You should not blame yourself for what happened to Micky. You were just doing the best thing for him by taking him outside where all dogs should be able to go to run and play. I sure hope you can work things out with your family, both for them and yourself, not to mention getting reunited with your pups.

Good luck. It sounds like these dogs have all been loved very much. This is an excellent site to seek comfort. I know hou much it has helped me when I lost my baby Bodie on Sept 10th. I cry every single day for him.

by: Anonymous

Best wishes, Love and Light to you too.xx

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