The Mask of Zorro

by Agent
(Massillon Ohio)

You came to Pat & Mac, an unexpected prize
You cocked your head & soon they saw that twinkle in your eyes.
Time to find a name for you, friends would surely ask
One look at you & of course they saw the magic of your mask.
They knew your name just had to fit, how perfect it would be
The Mask of Zorro there it was, anyone could see.
You ran and walked and greeted those all around the town
It seemed nothing would come along to ever keep you down.
Zorro you taught them much, each and every day
You seemed to know their ups and downs, showing them the way.
Nothing ever seemed beyond where you would take your "feet"
A venture to stop traffic along that busy street.
Dressed to the max you would create the perfect scene
Costumes of all sorts, from the Bucks to Halloween.
You had yourself an "Agent," most dogs don't do that
But ordinary you were not, you wowed them where you sat.
Through the time the doctor said you were truly ill
You kept up your very best through tests and shots and pills.
So hard to realize your body had all that it could take
No one could have managed how hard a heart can break.
We wanted you to go in peace, gone with just a kiss
You shared our hearts as we shared yours. How could it come to this?
Zorro you now rest, to romp without the race
The memories, the little mask of your very precious face.
Knowing we had to let you go, it still does not seem right
We do take comfort knowing we will see you in the light.
So thanks for being you, our special little dog
We know your name truly shines in Heaven's log.

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by: Pat

A very tearful thank you to the agent who wrote this. It is still so very hard for both my husband and me. I never knew he was that sick because, up until the very last day, he did not growl, bark or bite.

Zorro, we love you so much and thank you for the 8-plus years you have your unconditional love.

Wonderful Poem
by: Rudy

Truly a great memorial for you best friend.

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