The Love of My Life, Toby

by Lauren
(Germantown MD)

On August 9, 2014 I had to put my best friend, my love, down to rest. It was the saddest day of my life.

He was my one and only doggie. I had him ever since he was a puppy. Toby was 14.5 years old and today is his birthday. Words cannot explain the emptiness and loneliness I feel without him in my life.

I miss waking up and giving him his morning kisses, our long walks, our playtime, and singing together. He could howl to the whole song Happy Birthday, in tune.

His illness came on very quickly. He had idiopathic encephalitis. I could tell that his quality of life was deteriorating quickly even though we tried all sorts of steroids, antibiotics and pain meds.

I just knew the time was here to stop his suffering and pain, even though he hung in there and fought a great fight. He loved life.

I miss my best friend, my companion, the love of my life.

Toby will never be forgotten. I can only hope that this pain will lessen with time.

Mommy loves you! Be free of pain and have fun with all your furry friends over the rainbow bridge.

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by: Mary Ann

Look into the clouds. I bet you will see a formation that looks like his face looking down on you. It will help.

by: Barb

I just lost my beloved best friend on 9/19/14. The grandkids were up for my birthday. I went to get pizza and someone opened and didn't shut the door. My dobie Banner escaped.

We tried to catch her and she ran into the street and was hit. Our wonderful vet said she was gone.

Life is not the same. My son has hardly eaten since this happened.

Now I feel your grief. No, there is nothing that can stop the hurt. I think she is laying in her favorite chair. I think it's time to take her for a walk.

We will meet our beloved friends again.

I Understand
by: Kristina

It's one of the hardest choices we have to make as parents. I made the exact same choice last night and I feel completely lost and alone. I had my chow for 14 years.

I wish you the best during your recovery.

by: Lorraine

I too lost the love of my life, almost 3 years ago. I am so sorry for your loss. These angels bring us nothing but love and joy. When they leave, a huge part of our heart goes with them. The first year is very hard, then after that it still hurts but not as bad.

I still have my moments when I cry over my baby. Never a day goes by without thinking about her and missing her, but it does get a little easier.

I hope you can get through this tough time and know he had a great life. He knows how much you truly loved him.

Someday we will see our lost loved ones again.

Take care.

He'll Watch Over YOU Now
by: Linda

Toby will always be with you.

My Baby died in June. He loved life too, and hung in there as long as he could. I miss him terribly, but I also feel him here with me. I made a rock garden for him in the corner of my yard and added a rock water fountain.

I think dogs are better than people. Dogs are real, love you forever, and give you all they've got.

Toby will look out for you from now on. You will heal over time, but you'll never forget your Toby.

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